The 5 best app to stay fit

The 5 best app to stay fit 01
Keep fit? Today it is easy thanks to the app dedicated to fitness

The 5 best app to stay fit 02
Gain Fitness Cross Trainer, ideal for those who start from scratch
Although the test suit is not near, keep fit It is an arduous and often poorly constant task, especially for people who spend time in the office, eight hours sitting without even a pale mirage of leave.
Whatever your age know that the physical, to stay healthy, always it requires a little 'attention. Mistakenly some of us are convinced that a diet last minute can recover months of inactivity and laziness. It was wrong and cruel, especially if the diet forces the hungry!
For a toned physique and looking healthy associated with proper nutrition a little ' sport activity. Do not you love gym? No problem, now we think the smartphone to replace the personal trainer, dietician and nutritionist! As? With the Specific applications for fitness. There recommend 5 tested specifically for you.


Have not you heard of yet? runtastic app is the most popular among race fans and not only. With a few easy steps you can plot the paths made, the results obtained and the improvements. You can also share the sports experience on your social profiles. From running to cycling workout gym, both in Basic Pro version for a fee.

Nike Training Club

inspired by Nike's top athletes, this application offers over 100 exercises and targeted training, designed and developed by professionals and personal trainers of the best known sports brand to mondo.Disponibile both IoS that Android, Nike Training Club It helps to tone, strengthen and slim down.

App wellbeing
Runtastic app is the best known by those who love the ride


A food diary and a personal trainer in one application to achieve the highest well-being. LifeSum It is a great way to follow a healthy and balanced diet and at the same time regulate the exercise by monitoring progress and improvement. The motto is "Get a healthier and happier life - NOW", try it!


Designed specifically for those who love the open spaces of nature and makes its own gym. Endomondo, through GPS smartphone, it keeps track of the facts bike paths, running, on skiing, on skates ... Keeps a log of time and distance in order to set future targets in view of an improvement. The premium version (for a fee) is ideal for those with limited time, it allows you to program short but intense workouts!

Gain Fitness Cross Trainer

Ideal for those who start from scratch and has some doubts about the organization of training. The operation of this app It is very simple: enter the time you have available and the type of equipment you use, you will receive within seconds a tailored training program complete with explanatory video!

There are no more excuses, now is the time to devote to psychological well-being of our body or rather, as they recited the ancient, mens sana in corpore sano.