Summer and warm: the importance of proper hydration


We've been expecting for some time and has now become a faithful companion of our days: it is the summer, of course! With its "load of the sun", warm, fun and ... afa. Because, especially if we spend the summer months in the city, it is easy to come in sweltering and humid heat which sometimes it makes it a bit 'more difficult summer. The heat is not merely annoying: the intense heat, although pleasantly endured on a beautiful beach or by a swimming pool, can often lead even hydration problems that, especially in the most vulnerable age group, it must be kept strictly under control. That's why, with particular reference to children, are valuable pre-advice of vacationers Acqua Panna Scientific Committee, non-profit organization linked to the well-known mineral water brand, which on nutrition issues and hydration always develops interesting and useful insights, available to all families and their special needs.

Summer and warm: the importance of proper hydration 01

Water: essential element for the body's balance

Often common sense suggests attention that seem obvious but that if at all. Especially if it has to do with the little ones. Hence with the arrival of warm, check that the water intake in the children's nutrition is adequate to the changing climatic conditions, it is clearly essential. That's what notes Marcello Giovannini, member of the Scientific Committee and President of Acqua Panna Italian Society of Pediatric Nutrition. Water is a fundamental element for any organization, and much more so when the subject is in the phase of growth that requires, already in itself, a fluid intake proportionately higher than that of adults. If you add that, especially in the smaller, the sense of thirst is not fully developed, it becomes evident that the control over the amount and the frequency with which children take liquids, is extremely important, especially with rising temperatures.

In just a few simple steps

How to deal with, so, this exciting time, but "hot" that awaits us? Here are some simple but valuable rules dictated by the Committee as part of the educational campaign When a child grows: water and nutrition for healthy development, designed to serve moms and dads struggling, especially with the education of children. The basic rule is to assume every day about a liter and a half of liquid, preferring always water in addition to juices and sugary drinks, to ensure the correct reintegration of mineral salts that the body tends to consume a greater extent with the increased sweating and perspiration. To achieve this "primary" goal few tips are very useful:

  • respect the daily schedules of meals to ensure adequate caloric intake and fluid intake during the day, starting with the very important breakfast;
  • privileging the consumption of fruit and vegetables in season and fresh food, easily digestible and rich in water;
  • cook "summer" dishes, trying to limit the preparation of dishes overly rich in lipids or with toppings too elaborate.

Avoid the heat and sultriness and defend our children, then, it is simple. Just a few tips and summer will be warm but safe.