St. John’s Wort: powerful against anxiety. And not only

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St. John's wort: against anxiety (and not only)

St. John's wort, grass smile, drives out devils grass: it's called in one way or another, we always talk hypericum. A plant with many benefits, and whose properties, known since antiquity, are also recognized by the medical establishment.

From tradition to modern medicine

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It is believed that the Templars to discover the uses of hypericum
Grass drives out devils: this was known St. John's wort in the past. Was said to have the magical power to free places and people from evil thoughts, true to chase away demons: hanging out the door, on the roof of the building, or directly on the skin, and it seems that the first to discover the beneficial properties on 'mood, alongside those antiseptic, they have been nothing less than the Templars.

Today, St. John's wort is used by herbal medicine, homeopathy: are the tops hypericum to be used, including the beautiful yellow flowers, fresh or dried. Traditionally, the harvest takes place during a waxing moon, around the time of St. John (June 24), in which St. John's wort appears to reach its peak.

Anxiety? St. John's wort effective!

Even allopathic medicine - the "official" - has recognized, especially for the treatment of depression, hypericum virtues. Stemming from his favor the production of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, neurotransmitters linked to mood regulation.

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Hypericum in nineteenth-century illustration
For this to combat anxiety or stress with totally natural remedies St John's wort is one of the best and most effective solutions available in herbal medicine, such as tablets, as tincture or as an infusion with which to make an herbal tea - not to replace, of course, to a medical consultation or to be associated with the use of antidepressants or anxiolytics.

However, if you feel that is a bit of anxiety and agitation - if you are short, as often happens, a bit 'in the vise stress Modern life - you can try to rely hypericum - perhaps in an infusion of more herbs: other relaxing effects are linden, valerian, hawthorn, melissa, the verbenia, passion flower, and, of course, chamomile.

Not only in a good mood: the essential oil

But hypericum also uses the oily part: the essential oil made from it, the so-called "oil of St. John", serves for outdoor use massages against aches and pains, to soothe colic and menstrual pain; It is also an effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.