Nail biting: how to stop biting their nails

nail biting
Many people vent stress and tension biting his nails

Nail Biting, It is defined as the most commonly 'onychophagy, It is a vice that accompanies it, without distinction, men and women, and is considered a "disorder of impulse control."

I'm bored? I chewed my nails. They are restless? I still do. I'm happy and excited? I'll eat my nails again, and I do it even when they are worried and during times of high stress. The nail biting is in fact the habit of biting nails continually several times during the day in an almost completely uncontrolled, and maybe even biting cuticles around the nails.

Causes and consequences

It is often difficult to understand how does this bad habit but it is important to identify the causes for overcoming the disorder. The main factors that lead to biting your nails are usually of environmental origin.
Situations of high stress and anxietyWho is gnawing their nails often does not even notice but do not seem to do without. It is a way to vent emotional lacarica -especially during infancy and often arises when there are misunderstandings, difficult situations, or when there is the fear of losing the affection and attention of our loved ones.
To some extent, the nail biting is also a self-destructive attitude: in fact, some scholars identify this habit in a moodo to externalize aggression. Many more shy and introverted individuals express anger and tensions directing it toward themselves rather than outside. Yet all'onicofagia, which represents an outlet unconsciously executed as a response to an emotion that otherwise you can not control or show, you can say enough. And you must say stop if you want to avoid more serious ailments and health consequences such as bleeding and redness of the nail bed, the dell'eponichio damage, the portion of skin at the base and sides of the nail (cuticle), the risk of contracting bacterial or viral infections, and even damage your teeth, fingers and of course if you want to stop feeling pain whenever you are stressed or happy.

Nail biting: how to stop biting their nails 01
A glaze from the bitter taste can be very effective to counter the nail biting

Solutions and effective remedies

Most of the criticisms of the mothers, to stop nail biting serve specific products, appropriate medication and a good dose of constancy. For when you can not solve the trouble spontaneously, you must resort to a treatment designed to counter the nail biting. The most common and recommended involves the application of a glaze with a bitter taste that precisely because of this characteristic helps to lose the habit of nail biting. The enamel, usually, contains a chemical called denatonium. In the market if they are several, effective and economical as enamel strengthener antirosicchiamento Stop Biting of Kiko, or the Mavala Stop, a product that must be applied on the nail as if it were a glaze, a transparent liquid gel that serves to avoid bringing fingers to mouth and which can also be used by children (as in the case of many other products designed to counteract the onychophagy also this glaze has a bitter taste).

Other solutions may be the use of a bandage on the end of the fingers, or alternatively you can wear gloves adhering to the skin and does not prevent you from performing daily tasks. The beauticians ultimately encourage women and men with biting your nails habit to have, almost to counteract the problem, more care of their hands also because this habit can help reduce nail biting.

And when even the glazes, goodwill, and a manicure done regularly manage to counteract the habit and vice, the alternative is to chew a sugarless gum or a stick liquorice to be used in times of stress and to control the emotions.