Maqui, the portentous berry with antioxidant properties

Maqui berries
Maqui Berry the eternal youth berries. Let's find out all the benefits and properties of this Amazonian plant

Let's take a short hike in 'South America, particularly between Chile and Patagonia, where we can admire and discover the but here, the fruit of eternal youth. The maqui berry or cranberry Patagonia comes from the homonymous evergreen plant: a shrub with white and thin stem, belonging to the family of Elaeocarpaceae, which can reach 4/5 meters in height.
Flowering occurs during the austral spring (or between September and November), giving the vegetation Patagonia the wonderful white flowers as snow. A feature that certainly does not go unnoticed.
In December, they begin to appear the first fruits, tasty berries of a deep blue color, sweet flavor, vaguely reminiscent of our blueberries. The collection, which is made exclusively by hand, it lasts until March, the first month of autumn Southern Hemisphere.


After Goji berries and Acai berries, it seems that today is the maquis to depopulate between sports and wellness lovers. Back in time exploring the Amazon rainforest we discover that the first eaters of these berries were Indians Mapuque, indigenous peoples of Chile, which they attributed to their maqui their strength and tireless energy.

The Maqui fact has numerous property beneficial for the human body:

  • It is a rich source of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals responsible for cell aging and thus helps to combat oxidation due to physical activity
  • protects from heart attacks and stroke and can have an anti-inflammatory effect is at the bone level that articulate
  • of the berry juice it has a slight astringent effect and is then used in the cases of dysentery
  • It protects the walls of the blood vessels and it inhibits the formation of blood clots
  • It helps to significantly improve the view
  • It helps to maintain optimal levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and protects LDL (cholesterol bad) from oxidation
  • neutralizes those enzymes capable of destroy the connective tissue
  • It is also indicated in diets as a valuable aid for the weight loss

Natrol Maqui Berry
Natrol is one of several companies that provides products based on concentrate of Maqui berries
In the maquis is ultimately the most powerful natural antioxidant in the world, rich in vitamin E and B5, and clearly superior to the aforementioned goji berries and acai

Maqui natural

The berries maquis They can be taken directly in the "natural" version, a little 'how to eat every day a small handful of berries or dried fruit. these are the Recommended doses:

  • 5-50 mg per day act as a powerful antioxidant
  • 50-100 mg daily prevent cellular inflammation
  • 250-500 mg per day activate metabolism and slowing the aging process

Juice maqui

We can enjoy the many properties of berries also taking them under-juice form. The juice is maquis It recommended especially for those who practice physical activity at a competitive level to be inserted in the correct Diet sportsman. It helps to oxygenate tissues and supports the sport performance.

In powder

In the market you can find the maqui berry powder. This method of recruitment is especially useful when using the maqui with food for example dissolved in yogurt, in soft cheeses such as ricotta, mixed with cereals during the first breakfast or added to a fresh juice.
also ideal for infusions.

Where to find the maqui: Solgar, Erbamea or ...

The maquis is mostly found in health food stores or organic stores also present online but you can also find it in pharmacies. The best known companies for this product are the US Solgar and Erbamea Italian.