Hallux valgus: What is it and when to intervene

hallux valgus
A problem that plagues many women's discover all causes

It is nice to see and it is very often painful: l 'hallux valgus It must be recognized as a real disease and not just as a blemish to hide closed and avoiding wearing sandals even in the hottest weather shoes. Hallux valgus, which manifests itself as a first toe deformity that is diverted into the phalanx laterally, towards what is the inside of the foot, It can entail serious problems in ambulation as well as intense and severe pain. in this deformation is realized a dislocation of the sesamoid, the two small bones within which is located the big toe joint of the finger. In addition to the hallux valgus lateral deviation is also revealed with the so-called "onion" which it is clearly visible even to the naked eye and that often accompanies the disease of flatfoot.

One common problem especially in women

Suffering from hallux valgus are especially women. In fact, the problem affects the fairer sex up to ten times more than men and can occur even in very young women. Recent surveys have shown that about 40% of the female population aged between 40 and 60 years suffer from bunions, and that in recent years, an increasing number of very young (even before age 20) and the sea are ashamed to show your feet because of the annoying "onion". In people who suffer from this disease, the head of the first metatarsal, ie the bone on which is articulated the phalanx of the first toe of the foot, with the passage of time more and more protrudes inwards causing inflammation of the surrounding tissues . The big toe tends to lean towards the other toes: Alteration involving the two small bones of the foot that are located below the joint of the and that, by changing position, are no longer able to balance and absorb the burden on the sole of the foot each time you He gets up from the bed or chair to walk. It is, in short, a problem to be reckoned with and that requires the diagnosis of a specialist.

Symptoms and causes of hallux valgus

It all starts with a little discomfort and redness and swelling in the inner area of ​​the forefoot when it rubs against the shoe. The symptoms and pain increases with time until the appearance of a real inflammation and progressive deformation metatarsal joint that determine the inability to wear different models of shoes and walk without pain. Hallux valgus, like many other diseases, is subject to predisposing factors such as familiarity, but can also occur due to a significant increase in weight, as a result of menopause or to the wrong choice of footwear. Women with a family history behind (my mother and grandmother who suffered from hallux valgus) is important to ask advice from a specialist to prevent as much as possible the occurrence of this disorder.

When and how to intervene

Hallux valgus can be "corrected", especially if diagnosed at an early stage, by means of orthotics that bring a balance load and weight that gravitate on the feet. Have fairly recently has been studied, in order to minimize postural imbalances, also a plantar hallux valgus orthopedic: These treatments are conservative defined and have the purpose of limiting and slowing down the progression of the hallux deformations and to improve the patient's immediate quality of life.

When the disease is diagnosed in an advanced state now it is instead necessary to intervene surgically. Some orthopedic surgeons and tend to recommend the 'intervention, which in most cases it is decisive, as soon as the protrusion is made evident and the big toe starts to push on the other toes. Today the intervention, thanks to the latest technical generations, can also be addressed from girls of 12-14 years or as soon as the growth plate of the metatarsal head is closed, but also by very elderly people. The new intervention techniques, much less invasive and painful for a time, also allow a 75 year old woman in good health to face the operation and return to walk without experiencing more stinging. The patient is subjected to local anesthesia and through a microblade the surgeon performs a 'medial incision point that will allow him to create a working chamber subcapsular behind the bony prominence of the th metatarsal head and proceeding through the use of a cutter motorized an abrasive action, to uniformly smooth the exostosis, which is the characteristic bony protrusion 'hallux valgus.