Celiac disease, a gluten-free life

Celiac disease - a gluten-free life
The only solution to celiac disease is a gluten-free diet

You hear more and more celiac disease or rather, the best-known intolerance to gluten (protein found in cereals). Like all food allergies, celiac disease leads to damage of the annoying symptoms primarily the small intestine. Specialists define it autoimmune disease of this particular part of the intestine and can affect all individuals, adults and children, It occurs genetically predisposed. Genetic factors have a considerable weight so that most of the time, when it identifies a new patient with celiac disease, it is recommended to run the test Screening also on first-degree relatives who, irrespective of gender, age and clinical status, 10% are in turn affected by the disease. The site AIC (Italian Celiac Association) reports that statistically celiac disease affects one Italian out of 100. This proof of the fact that it is particularly widespread.

The symptoms of celiac disease

Unfortunately, the most common symptom of recurrent 'gluten intolerance It is the chronic dysentery, characterized by very light-colored stools, as well as a frequent fatigue and obvious weight loss, mainly due to the impossibility for the damaged intestine to absorb nutrients, minerals and vitamins in food. They can also occur abdominal pain and cramps accompanied by the appearance of mouth ulcers. Moreover, it is not uncommon that as a result of damage to the intestine, the subject developments also a certain Lactose intolerance. It has also been proven that there are diseases that can be associated with celiac disease. Among these the diabetes mellitus, colitis, autoimmune thyroid and cirrhosis.
In some cases, however, those milder, people suffering from celiac disease have accused only fatigue and anemia, but no particular symptom attributable intestine. Indeed, in some cases, the effects were greater in damage to other organs. That's why it is always good to express their doctor, that certainly can better target in the problem definition and diagnosis of disease through examination and specific tests.

Examinations to determine celiac disease

The screening test for celiac disease starts from blood tests. From here you can understand, by the developed antibodies, if there is an ongoing reaction to gluten. But the forgiveness totally effective blood tests for the diagnosis if the patient is already following a gluten-free diet. In any case, the clinical picture presented by blood tests and severity of symptoms present is used to determine the order of successive tests that must be performed. In particular, the analysis of blood is used to determine the need or not to subject the patient to a endoscopic biopsy, through which it is possible to establish with certainty the presence or absence of the disease.

The solution: a gluten-free diet

Once you determined the problem, in most of the cases of celiac disease, the only effective measure to be taken is a gluten-free diet. Eliminating the cause of the trouble, the intestine heals quickly and the patient's quality of life greatly improved. That's why the people suffering from celiac disease is entitled to receive disbursement Free gluten-free products, with maximum expenditure ceilings established - according to the existing market rules - from the health ministry. The purchase of such products, in the past, was often restricted to a few structures and prices presented themselves often too high. Today, however, there are, in addition to the pharmacies, also real supermarkets gluten free offering a wider choice of foods - strictly controlled - and certainly more affordable prices, where you can also buy presenting their exemption. One example is the chain and network of national "MSG - The World Without Gluten" that spreads and sells gluten-free products. MSG on the site is also available a practical map to identify outlets in each area of ​​Italy.

Gluten-free recipes

Strudel with Dried Fruit gluten
Strudel with Dried Fruit gluten free
Wandering among the Facebook pages or sites of these stores, it's easy to see how, with suitable raw materials to the case, it is possible to realize the tasty and succulent dishes for celiacs that have nothing to envy to a gourmet meal. Until some time ago, it was almost impossible to achieve recipes elaborate given the scarcity or the lack of accessibility of the ingredients gluten free. In fact, thanks to these chain stores and through close agreements with certified suppliers, today you can find almost everything to make it "light" of a celiac life. Even the home appliance companies are coming to the aid of customers intolerant to gluten. Imetec, for example, he has created some 50 recipes for celiacs with the new food processor Cuko and, also, he has created Zero-Glu, the first bread machine gluten free.
Here, then, we can easily make bread without gluten, risotto, cakes and much more, simple but delicious recipes.