Castor oil: uses and properties that you do not expect

cries of ricinus communis
of the castor plant, whose seeds extracts the eponymous oil

THE'castor oil It is known since ancient times and our ancestors mainly used as a laxative.
but the castor oil properties actually they are lots and today was also rediscovered for its benefits in the aesthetic field and healing.

This oil yellow color, dense texture and viscous, It is obtained by crushing the seeds the commonly called ricinus tropical plant. It has a pleasant smell, in fact often it is advisable to use combined with a few drops of essential oil or scented with almond oil.
His strong lubricity It makes it particularly suitable as a laxative but it should be taken with extreme.The antifungal properties castor oil is the 'ideal for fighting some bacterial and viral forms and annoying skin infection. even against arthritis They are recommended packs and massages in the affected area.
In cosmetic field the beneficial properties are interesting and is used in many ways as a natural remedy.

Where to buy it and how much it costs

The castor oil is easy to find, it is sold in pharmacies and in health food stores, and its cost is low, around 5/7 Euros, depending on the brand.

castor oil for beauty
An ally for the beauty of skin, hair, eyelashes and nails

Castor oil through its power emollient, being rich in collagen and elastin, It is good for skin, hair, nails and eyelashes.
on skin just dab a few drops of castor oil around the eyes and lips to notice immediately a relaxing effect.
Castor oil stimulates, Furthermore, keratin found in hair, nails and eyelashes. Used with frequency creates on the surface on which a protective layer is applied which adding solidity.
therefore ideal for those eyelashes, nails and weak and damaged hair.
on hair in particular, it is always advisable to make the castor oil packs immediately before shampooing leave to take effect for a few minutes. for eyelashes Instead, dab a few drops of oil after you no make-up, before going to sleep. Day after day will be longer and thicker.

castor oil in pregnancy?

There are about conflicting opinions, In fact, some say its use and who does not recommend it.
It is commonly said that the use of castor oil when you are full-term pregnancy serves to stimulate uterine contractions By contrast, however, there is to evaluate its laxative effect strong that can cause intense stomach pains.
Then It is always good, especially at a delicate time like pregnancy, do not follow the alternative methods with high probability of side effects but rely cautiously to the gynecologist advice.