Aromatherapy, the healing power of essential oils

THE'aromatherapy conceals within it a certain charm, but for many it was always relegated to a secondary role, lived as a habit or a palliative with no scientific basis.
In fact, aromatherapy is a real science, which has ancient origins and is part of phytotherapy. Already at the time of the ancient Egyptians, in fact, he was known and appreciated the extraordinary healing power of essential oils extracted from plants. Only recently, however, clinical studies internationally accredited have demonstrated their therapeutic properties.
We must clarify that we are not talking about a kind of medicine "alternative." In contrast, the essential oils They are to be considered as real medicines, which only have the advantage of being completely natural. They should therefore be treated with consciousness and you need to know them well to be able to advise and avoid problems. That is why often the sale of essential oils is carried out by pharmacists or herbalists prepared.

What are essential oils

lavender essence

Essential oils are in practice the volatile fraction extracted from certain plants. They can only be obtained through an "industrial" process, as for example the steam distillation and pressing. Each essential oil is then composed of many active molecules, of very small size.
are not to be confused with essences, which are a natural secretion of the plant, or with vegetable oils, that are oily materials extracted from fat-rich vegetables such as sunflowers, olives, coconut. Moreover, unlike the essential oils, vegetable oils are very dense and do not evaporate.
Essential oils are in particular lipophilic, ie they are absorbed and enter the bloodstream quickly without stopping the epidermis. They are also polyvalent, that is equipped with multiple property: Antibacterial, antiviral, relaxing, and so on.
Generally they do not create resistance as too complex as a composition for bacteria, not addictive and do not damage the intestinal flora.

The essential oils in pregnancy

As natural, essential oils are often contraindicated during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, and it is often advisable to use in the presence of young children (lt; 6-7 years).

essential oils with therapeutic properties

Among the most popular essential oils you can certainly count to cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum, cinnamon osmophoeum), and experimental laboratory tests proved to have an excellent inhibitory effect compared to nine strains of bacteria including the 'Escherichia coli (Bacteria present in the colon, the main cause of urinary infections) and staphylococcus aureus (Which can cause pneumonia) or epidermis (Responsible for a sudden increase of pimples).
But the best known of all is perhaps the essential oil lavender, effectiveness relaxing, a great remedy to treat cervical painand the lumbar or even to treat sleep disorders.
Another essential oil from the safe effect is that of eucalyptus, which has antimicrobial properties, antiviral and antibacterial try much that is often used for the treatment of infections of the respiratory tract and viral parotitis. Furthermore, it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory for which it is recommended to counter the headache. To treat the headache is also indicated the essential oil peppermint, an effective solution against sickness or plane for its digestive properties. These properties are also recognized essential oil ginger, also recognized as a potent anti-nausea.


They then there are many others such as essential oil tea tree, used for the care of the skin for its antiseptic and antioxidant properties or to cure the virus'herpes; essential oil cypress, suitable for those with circulation problems and cellulite, and yet the essential oil of lemongrass is that of cloves.
In short, the essential oils analyzed and tested for the treatment of particular diseases, there are an infinite amount endless as are the possible combinations in order to enhance the beneficial effects.

Puressentiel: the line for the well-being to the natural

Among the most reliable in the lines of aromatherapy field is certainly the French puressentiel. The products in this range are sold only in pharmacies, indicating their certified quality.
Present in Italy in 3,000 points of sale, the Puressentiel line consists of several preparations ready for use. Among these, special mention Purifying to the 41 essential oils, which can be used to purify indoor environments, fight bacteria, mites, fungi and mold. It is also indicated to prevent allergies and respiratory problems from dust and mites. It is also indicated for preventing viral diseases. In short, it is a precious ally, especially on the road.
But the line has curative solutions for joints (the 14 essential oils), for the control of respiratory disorders such as breathing Puressentiel range to the 19 essential oils, to counteract the sleep disorders (Serene Sonni 12 essential oils), to treat skin lesions, to cleanse the skin, to remove the tension from stress and even anti-lice.
We just have to try them all.