10 Foods that nourish the brain here is to choose

You have to solve a simple problem or complex? We think the brain. You have to lift a weight or to balance on one foot? Even at this thought the brain. You need a surplus concentration or look for a moment of perfect relaxation? The "target" of your action is, once again, the brain. In short, the brain is the true operations center of our body, it is he who processes all information, internal or external to the body, and it causes reactions, movements, thoughts, emotions, capabilities, capabilities, skills, talents. In short, the brain is a true "biological mystery" and, in practice, an immeasurable treasure that we must take care with absolute attention. Starting with the choice of foods that will help the functionality, support health and will slow down the aging. Which? Here are some ...

Balanced diet and omega 3

10 foods that nourish the brain here is to choose 01
Two premises are dutiful tackling the thorny issue of the foods that, by simplifying said, "are good for the brain": the first one is incontrovertible fate that we can not entrust the health of the brain - so tied to that of the rest of the body - in this or that food. And 'in fact the entire power supply which must be balanced and balanced, ensuring the body - the brain in the head - the whole mix of nutrients it needs, without exception. The second premise concerns the fact that, beyond the single food, a fundamental element for the health of the brain are the "healthy fatty acids" that are generally known as Omega 3 and that, since the structure of the brain is composed for almost two-thirds from fats, play an important role in the health and functionality of the central nervous system and for the prevention of inflammation. So all the foods that are rich, dall'arcinoto bluefish to many oilseeds, from wild salmon with walnuts, are the basic elements of a pro-brain diet.

The top ten food pro-brain

Without the right premises, we can now launch us in identifying the top ten food pro-brain. Let's start with spinach, whose beneficial properties are not just a rumor cartoonish but, indeed, very real: thanks to vitamin K and minerals, spinach is highly effective for the protection of nerve cells and to the slowing of aging. In second place here is the blueberries, rich like few other specific foods such substances proanthocyanidins, proprietary remarkable protective and anti-toxic effects and able to limit the dangerous free radicals. Me too'grapes has, as conventional wisdom anticipates, remarkable properties pro-brain, especially related to resveratrol, an important antioxidant in the prevention of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. even the cabbage, like grapes, it is rich in antioxidants elements that have a beneficial effect in brain cell protection while the memory can be useful none other than the eggs, which contain a substance called choline that seems to have the ability to "strengthen" the activity of neurons. The abundant presence of omega 3 makes inevitable in this special ranking olive oil - Also rich in vitamin E useful - and sardines, representing the fish, as they said the grandmothers, "makes intelligent." Same goes for hazelnuts, which also have a role in the contribution of vitamin B6, while the cocoa It can prevent vascular brain damage. And finally, last but not least, close with the you, in particular the green one, known for thousands of years, for example in China, also for its healing and therapeutic properties: in particular, in addition to possessing the usual antioxidants, this drink is rich in a substance called catechin, capable of promoting the regeneration of neurons especially in areas of the brain to the memory storage.

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