Lady’s Kisses bimby

Chococcino cake (4 votes)  
Category Thermomix
Préparation: 10 min
Cuisine: 10 min
Total: 20 min

Cooking process

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Ingredients for 15 Lady's Kisses:
100 grams of flour 00
100 grams of almonds
100 grams of sugar
50 g butter
1 egg yolk
50 grams of dark chocolate

How to Make Lady's Kisses

Chop the almonds with the sugar 15 sec. Turbo speed.
Add the remaining ingredients in the bowl and stir 15 seconds. vel. 6
Take the dough and with moistened hands formed into balls of equal size, and place them spaced, on the baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees for about ten minutes or until they become golden
Remove from oven and let cool in the meantime, melt the chocolate in a non-stick pan
Once the lady kisses cooled, with the help of a spatula, apply a layer of chocolate on the basis of each cookie.
Cover with another cookie and run a slight pressure to adhere the chocolate from both sides
Storing Lady's Kisses on a serving plate and serve
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