Soft Tart Apples and Bananas

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Category Tarts
Préparation: 20 minutes
personnes: 6-8 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Soft Tart Apples and Bananas

I decided to try a softer dough for this kind of sweet at the usual pae pasta pies.

How to Make Soft Tart Apples and Bananas

Ingredients (for 6-8 persons)

250 g flour (Oo)
120 grams of potato starch
100 g butter
1/2 teaspoon of livito (Vaniglinato for sweets)
1/2 lemon (Zest)
1/2 jar of jam (Orange)
2-3 of apples
2-3 bananas
3 eggs
80 grams of sugar


    Put in a bowl, the flour, there flour and the butter cut into small pieces.
    Rub the butter with the flour as if you were the bread crumbs until a dough consistency of breadcrumbs.
    At this point add the flour, the sugar, the yeast, there Lemon peel, 2 whole eggs it's a yolk.
    With a fork mix everything quickly and finish kneading with your hands.
    Take about 3/4 of the dough and pull it with a rolling pin and coated the buttered and floured baking pan, cover the bottom with Orange jam, a layer of bananas cut in half centimeter slices and the last layer with slices of apples large cut a finger.
    With the remaining dough decorated the surface of the tart with classical transverse stripes.
    Bake at 160 ° for 20 minutes in the central part of the oven if it ventilated, or always at 180 ° for 20 minutes with normal oven.
    good Dessert