Vanilla Cream

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Préparation: 10 minutes
personnes: 1 lt of cream
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Vanilla Cream

There vanilla cream It is a simple and very delicate cream flavor, ideal for stuffing your favorite cakes, which are for a birthday party or to serve a simple cake heaven. This cream is similar in preparation to custard and it has an equally classic and delicate taste, though it differs by the addition of whipped cream, which makes it even lighter and to the intense flavor of vanilla.

The vanilla cream is a cream that to be defined as such must have a taste and an unmistakable vanilla fragrance, why do not you just see the blacks dots in cream, which we do now understand the authenticity of the taste that we taste, for actual use of the vanilla bean, also must get drunk enchanting vanilla aroma: smell and taste must be confused to indulge a taste so sweetly delicate and unmistakable. So if you are not sure you have a vanilla bean fresh and fragrant I suggest you also add a few drops of vanilla extract, which will enhance the flavor of your cream.

The vanilla cream is an ideal cream filling for chocolate cakes and thus have a color contrast in the topping of the cake and gently break up the intense chocolate flavor of the cake.

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How to make the vanilla cream

The vanilla cream is a cream filling for simple and very delicate cakes, with an aromatic vanilla flavor.

Ingredients (for 1 liter of cream)

500 ml of milk (Fresh whole)
200 ml of whipping cream (Or cream)
200 grams of sugar (Granulated)
5 egg yolks
70 grams of frumina (Or potato starch)
1 vanilla pod
a few drops of vanilla essence


    To prepare the vanilla cream heated milk, engrave the vanilla pod and add it along with the seeds in hot milk, leaving it to infuse for half an hour, to allow the vanilla to release all its aroma and its flavor.
    Vanilla Cream
    Work the sugar with the egg yolks, until you have a creamy and frothy swells.
    Vanilla Cream
    Strain the milk and add it to flush the cream sugar and eggs, while you continue to work.
    Vanilla Cream
    United also frumina sifted and processed again.
    Vanilla Cream
    Transfer the cream into a saucepan and let it thicken over a low heat, and continue stirring with a whisk.
    Vanilla Cream
    Vanilla Cream
    When the cream has reached the right degree of density transfer it in a glass bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let cool completely. When it is cold you can further refrigerarla in the refrigerator.
    Vanilla Cream
    Finally, you can whip the cream and fold gently to the cream, stirring from the bottom up not to take it apart.
    Vanilla Cream
    Your vanilla cream is ready!
    Vanilla Cream
    Vanilla Cream