Pancakes Luxembourg

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Préparation: 15 minutes
personnes: 7 pigtails
difficulté: low

Cooking process

pancakes Luxembourg

The Luxembourg pancakes French braids are soft, very aromatic, typical of Luxembourg. Typical of the Carnival period, but known and appreciated by the children throughout the year, these pancakes can be found on the streets of the Grand Duchy, or prepared in the homes of busy moms to mix sweets for their children, especially for the occasion.

The Luxembourg pancakes are actually kind of sweet small brioche, which do not require a long rising and are then fried instead of baked. They taste and texture very different from those we are accustomed to call "pancakes", but they are also different from our typical "brioche" which instead are soft. But they are so aromatic and pleasing aromas that definitely worth a try and taste.

The Luxembourg pancakes are not perhaps among the most popular sweets of Carnival, and unless you have a "hook" on the spot will be difficult to recover a reliable recipe. I based on what we know of these pancakes I've found at allrecipes one that best approaches, the result is really good!

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How do the Luxembourg pancakes

The Luxembourg pancakes are delicious braids, simple and very tasty, typical of the Carnival period.

Ingredients (for 7 pigtails)

For Braids:

185 grams of flour 00
185 grams of flour Manitoba
50 grams of sugar
60 grams of milk
60 g butter
1 egg (Integer)
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 orange (Zest)
1 pinch of salt


q.s. vegetable oil


q.s. of honey (Millefiori or acacia)

Tools used

Planetary mixer or


    To prepare the Luxembourg pancakes started to heat the milk in which you put the butter into pieces and let it melt. Then let cool.
    pancakes Luxembourg
    In a bowl brought together the flours, sugar, baking soda, the grated rind and a pinch of salt. Add the egg and lukewarm milk and work it all until you have a smooth and compact dough.
    pancakes Luxembourg
    Put the dough in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for an hour. You will find that the mixture increases in volume, it is normal as it is not a dough prepared with the yeast.
    pancakes Luxembourg
    Take back the dough and roll it out into a rectangular sheet, from which you are going to get 21 strips of almost 1cm thick. Take three strips of dough and form a braid, closing the ends possible.
    pancakes Luxembourg
    seed oil heated in a large frying pan and when hot fry the braids pinwheels during cooking to brown them evenly.
    pancakes Luxembourg
    pancakes Luxembourg
    As you are ready to dry up excess oil on kitchen paper, then brush them with the liquid honey, to give shine.
    pancakes Luxembourg
    pancakes Luxembourg
    Your Luxembourg pancakes are ready to be enjoyed!
    pancakes Luxembourg
    pancakes Luxembourg