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The squid is a mollusk that lives both in the Mediterranean in’eastern Atlantic. IS’ fished all the’year to be used in fried food, filling or stewed and is also often used its ink. Fresh squid are recognized by the intense and bright color of the outer skin.
All’often buy the squid can be confused with squid; easy to spot the difference between the two are the fins: the squid are side and cover half of the total length of the coat, while the squid are all’lower end.
This cooking school we discover the devices to clean the fresh squid before you use them in different preparations!

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How to clean squid

Clean fresh squid is a’simple operation. All parts of the shellfish can be used then, once detached from the main body, set them aside. Started operations rinse the squid and under running water (1), then with your hands gently detached the head from the shell and keep it aside (2). Once you remove the head, still with his hands, look for the transparent cartilage pen lying in the mantle and pull gently (3).

How to clean squid

Pass again the squid under running water, wash it thoroughly and help yourself with your hands to remove the entrails from the mantle (4). If the squid has the bag of ink and you want to use it in the kitchen, find the bag into the mantle cavity, take out the liquid and keep it in a small bowl, while the innards you can throw them. Past then remove the outer skin: carve with a boxcutter the final part of the mantle, just enough to take a skin flap (5) and pull off the coating completely by hand or with the aid of a boxcutter (6).

How to clean squid

To end the casing, always with a boxcutter, remove the fins for use in preparations (7). Now resume your head that you had put aside and separatela by affecting tentacles with a little under the eyes boxcutter (8). Take the tentacles and remove the central tooth this way: open the tentacles towards’external with hands and push up the center part (or mouth) (9). If the squid is large, you can avoid separate the head from the tentacles: extract only the eyes and the private tooth squid.

How to clean squid

At this point, with the hands, pull off the skin from the tentacles (10). Rinse thoroughly clean all parts of the squid under running water, so they will be ready to be cut by using the preparations that will choose (11). Started from the mantle, which can leave whole if you decide to prepare the stuffed squid. Alternatively, for frying, you can be reduced to rings with a knife. If the squid is very large we recommend you create rather thin rings for easy cooking (12).

How to clean squid

If you prefer the squid stew, you can open the cloak in the book: with a knife incidetene the final part 'through the blade along the length (13). The tentacles on the other hand can be left whole and grind to add to the preparations (14). the fins also can be cooked: cut into thin strips and add them to the recipe (15). The cooking times of squid depend not only on the use, but also by the size of the shellfish. It is not recommended to cook long squid, or risk that is chewy. To choose how to cook calamari and surprise your guests, all our recipes with squid, even here!


How to clean squid

If the squid are small it is better to eat on the day of purchase. If they are medium to large size can be stored in the refrigerator until the next day, covered with plastic wrap, previously cleaned and private bowel (1). The squid can also be stored in the freezer, if fresh, not thawed. Before freezing, clean them as described in the card. Then arrange them on a tray lined with parchment paper, with the tentacles aside if you will then get them filled, or by chosen tentacles inside the cloak and put them in the freezer (2). When they are frozen transfer them in the special freezer bags: in this way can be stored for 3 months (3). Before cooking, they should be thawed in the refrigerator the night before. You can also thaw it in the microwave.


If the squid are the ink bag and want to use it, you can seasoning risottos and pastas. Simply add the liquid black with squid in cooking, so that you stufino in their own ink.


The size of the squid can swing usually between 5 and about 50 centimeters. Recently 'it has been found to exist giant specimens, up to 18-20 meters in length, the remains of which have been the subject of scientific studies in order to understand the genetic makeup.
The giant squid has always tickled the fancy of uomoni: myths and legends since ancient times have painted as a "sea monster", as in the writings of the historian Pliny, who painted the giant squid as “a monstrosity with huge tentacles and the head as big as 15 Roman amphorae combined”!