Plumcake recipe varied pistachio chocolate

Chococcino cake ( votes)  
préparation: 90 min.
portions: 4 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process


The plum is one of the most classic and popular sweets, ideal for a good snack and a nutritious breakfast. Its lightness and its goodness make it indeed only this dessert, which can be realized with different types of ingredients such as yogurt, chocolate or fruit. In our recipe we offer a variant prepared with a tasty pistachio cream (the same that is traditionally used in Sicilian cuisine), condensed milk and dark chocolate. Besides being very greedy, this sweet plum has within it a beautiful variegation: the colors of the ingredients alternate and mingle, creating a very special effect that will bring that extra bit of cheer to your table!

Plum pistachio

Ingredients for one from 30x10x8 cm mold
pistachio cream 70 g
Paste of pistachios 30 g
Dark chocolate 100 g
00 flour 200 g
sugar 150 g
eggs 3
Condensed milk 120 g
Butter (At room temperature) 200 g
Vanilla pod 1
baking powder 10 g
Liquid fresh cream 30 ml


Plum pistachio chocolate to variegated

To prepare the variegated plum pistachio chocolate Take the vanilla pod, engrave with a boxcutter lengthwise, open it and remove the seeds (1). Put in the bowl of a planetary mixer fitted with a whisk, sugar (2) together with the butter at room temperature (3) and mix together by operating the machine.

Plum pistachio chocolate to variegated

Add to the creamy mixture of butter and sugar the seeds of the vanilla bean (4) and then the condensed milk (5); then, add the eggs one at a time (6) and then the salt.

Plum pistachio chocolate to variegated

When the eggs are blended into the mixture, pour a tablespoon at a time in the flour and baking powder sifted (7); continue with the planetary, collecting the ingredients with a spatula (8), then let mix well until the mixture is thick and smooth. Now divide the mixture that you got into two equal parts, placing them in two containers (9).

Plum pistachio chocolate to variegated

Now proceed to the preparation of the first praparato; with a knife, coarsely chopped dark chocolate and then let it melt in a double boiler or in a bowl in a smaller saucepan, making sure that the water below is not in direct contact with the bottom of the container (10). When the chocolate is completely melted, let cool and then add it in one of the two compounds (11); mix well with a spatula (12) and then set aside.

Plum pistachio chocolate to variegated

Then switch to the second preparation; in a bowl pour the cream and pistachio paste (13), stirring with a spoon, and in the meantime you heat the cream in the microwave for 1 minute. When the cream is heated, pour in the mixture of cream and pistachio paste (14), making the ingredients mix well (15).

Plum pistachio chocolate to variegated

Then, add the mixture of pistachios a second compound remaining (16): you then have got two prepared the same consistency (if not, you can add a little’ milk), one dark chocolate and the’other pistachio (17). Butter a loaf pan by 30x10x8 cm (about 1.5 L capacity) and line with parchment paper, pressing down on the walls to adhere the paper on all sides (18).

Plum pistachio chocolate to variegated

Put the compounds in chocolate and pistachio into two sac-a-few without escutcheon (19); place them one against the other (20), and, holding them together well with hands, filled in a zig zag the mold with the impastoin so as to obtain the variegation (21). Once the first layer, do it again, however, reversing the colors.

Plum pistachio chocolate to variegated

Once finished the dough (22), cook in oven preheated to 170 degrees for 70 minutes (or in a convection oven at 150 degrees for 60 minutes) until the surface of the loaf pan not golden brown (23). Baked the loaf pan to varied pistachio chocolate, let cool and then the mold; sliced ​​cut (24) and finally served.


Keep the loaf pan to varied pistachio chocolate under a bell jar for 3-4 days at most. And 'possible to freeze the loaf pan after cooking, maybe portioned to thaw only the quantity required.


You want to give something extra of goodies to your plum cake? Serve it with some good chocolate homemade salsa and you will see that it will be a real treat for the palate!