Cannoli alla Nutella

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personnes: 12 cannoli
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Cooking process

Cannoli alla Nutella

If you like traditional Sicilian cannoli, with ricotta cream filling, you should definitely also try this version to Nutella. Definitely the cream used for the filling is a bit 'more delicate, but at the same time there is also the note of chocolaty chocolate, which helps to create a valid identity of this recipe.

these cannoli with Nutella They come with two flavors of cream cheese flavored with cinnamon and cream cheese, chocolate cream flavored with Brandy. distinct flavor and details that combine deliciously. Each bite will thus have its specific notes of flavors and colors that will leave only the delicious desire for a new taste.

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How to make cannoli with Nutella

The cannoli Nutella is a delicious variation of those Sicilian ricotta

Ingredients (for 12 cannoli)

12 cannoli (Ready)
500 g cheese
200 grams of Nutella
150 grams of sugar (Granulated)
q.s. cinnamon (in powder)
1/2 glass of brandy
q.s. of hazelnuts
q.s. icing sugar


    To prepare cannoli with Nutella brought together in a bowl the ricotta with the sugar and processed until creamy.
    Cannoli alla Nutella
    Combined with a sprinkling of cinnamon (a couple of teaspoons) and mix well together.
    Cannoli alla Nutella
    Cannoli alla Nutella
    Put half of the prepared cream in a pastry bag and fill half of waffles.
    Cannoli alla Nutella
    Add the rest of the ricotta cream Nutella and brandy and mix the ingredients.
    Cannoli alla Nutella
    Cannoli alla Nutella
    Also put this cream in pastry bag and stuffed the remainder of the wafers.
    Cannoli alla Nutella
    Put the cannoli in the refrigerator to make them cool for half an hour.
    Put the hazelnuts in a small bowl, mash riprendeteli and one by one the ends in the grains.
    Cannoli alla Nutella
    Serve the cannoli Nutella dusting them with icing sugar.
    Cannoli alla Nutella
    Cannoli alla Nutella

In this recipe it was used Chopped hazelnutsDecorations - The Count.