Soup with pancake chips

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Category Soups
Cooking time: 3h
Person: 4 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Soup with pancake chips

I want to cook for dinner something unusual? Lunch is not without soup and borscht, cabbage soup and other recipes already familiar bored? Then I offer to cook soup with pancake chips. He is very famous in Europe, although under different names. Tasty and unusual! It is necessary to get to know him and understand what he is so fond of Europeans.

Ingredients for the soup with pancake chips:

Beef with bones (can be set bouillon) 0.5 kg
Water 2.5-3 l
Bay leaf 2-3 leaf
Parsley or green onions to design chips for pancakes:
eggs 3 pcs.
Milk 200 ml
Flour 150 g
Chopped greens (parsley, dill, green onions) 0.5 cups
Salt taste
Sugar taste
Vegetable oil 2 table. Spoon + roasting



    Cooking soup with pancake chips:

    Step 1: Bake pancakes.

    Pancakes should be thin and well done
    In a deep bowl break eggs, add salt and sugar to taste, pour the milk, add the flour. The resulting need to shake up the contents by using the immersion blender or mixer. Add the chopped herbs and a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil, then stir again. It turned out the dough for pancakes, and now they need to bake. Grease pans with vegetable oil, and pour batter using a ladle, counting on a pancake. So bake pancakes, how much is enough dough.

    Step 2: Prepare pancake chips.

    Ready-made pancakes transform into chips
    Before converting to chip pancakes, they must be cool. And then we turn each pancake into a roll and cut across the rings. We spread the chips in pre-cooked, portioned beautiful bowls or pots.

    Step 3: Cook beef broth.

    Boil the broth.
    Pour into the pan specified amount of water, lay out the meat and cook over high heat until the first boil. Once the broth boils, the water is drained, rinsed saucepan, pour over the specified amount of water and back on the burner. First you need to drain the broth, to get rid of all the harmful substances that have been in the meat. From the second broth remove the foam as it becomes available, and cook soup for 2-3 hours on low heat. You can add a bit of bay leaf, to give flavor. And be sure to add salt to taste. Bree needs a strong and clear. Half an hour before end of cooking add the broth of parsley or green onions, stir and cook until cooked.

    Step 4: We serve soup with pancake chips.

    Soup with pancake chips ready!
    Fill just cooked soup and pancake chips We serve soup to the table! Always hot. Enjoy the taste of Europe's favorite soup! Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - Pancakes should be very thin and properly roasted.

    - - For baking pan pancakes can also lubricate the half raw potatoes. They will not be burnt, and it is a good alternative to butter.

    - - At the request of a soup can also be prepared with chicken and vegetable broth.

    - - By adding sugar, do not overdo it, for the pancake batter should be unsweetened. And just a little sugar will improve the taste of pancakes.