Soup from vegetables

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Cooking time: 20m
Person: 4 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Soup from vegetables

Among the products that carry the benefit of the body, the undisputed leader on the content of vitamins and minerals, have been and will continue to be vegetables. You may not believe it, but from time to time you need to give your stomach a gift - easy, tasty and healthy dish, which also prepare for long - soup vegetables. This soup has a very nice feature - different vegetables = different tastes, and the benefits of this soup for the stomach will remain uncontested. Let's start!

Ingredients for making puree soup with vegetables:

Potatoes 3-5 medium pieces.
Carrot 2 pcs.
Cauliflower (or cabbage) 0.3 of head
squash 1-2 medium pieces.
Bulb onions 0.5 pc.
Salt taste
The oil (preferably olive oil) roasting
Cream (15%) 2 table. spoons
The greens and croutons for registration taste



    Preparation of puree soup with vegetables:

    Step 1: Prepare the vegetables.

    My, clean and boil vegetables
    This soup puree uchuet you never taste the individual ingredients. In other words, if the vegetables - the notes, the soup - a symphony of taste. Therefore, all you need to chop vegetables. First, vegetables (except onions) should be washed under running water, peel, chop and boil. A lot of water pouring into the pot does not have to, vegetable broths and perfectly steamed.
    Passeruem onion with a little olive oil
    With onion is another story. It must be crushed, you can also in a blender and sauté in olive oil until golden brown.

    Step 2: Prepare the soup of vegetables.

    We grind the vegetables to puree
    Cooked vegetables should be crushed, you can use the blender or meat grinder, you can knead them tolkushkoy to puree the state.
    Cook the soup for 3-5 minutes on low heat
    Add a little water to the puree, strained or vegetable broth, as well as fried onions. Put the pan on low heat, dressed with cream soup, and cook for 3-4 minutes. Do not forget to add salt! If you - a fan of spices, you can add them to suit Indian fenugreek, which helps the bowel. Ready soup can sprinkle with chopped herbs, and not just the usual parsley, dill and a few leaves of mint will add soup puree truly exotic taste. Believe me - I tried. Very good options as basil and cilantro. After the soup was taken off the fire, it is necessary to wrap a towel and leave for a few minutes. Its taste will be more crowded. Do you have time for this time to lay the table and invite relatives to dinner.

    Step 3: We serve the vegetable soup to the table.

    We serve a ready and decorated vegetable soup
    Ready soup served hot with vegetables, decorated with a picture izsmetany or balsamic vinegar. Most soups, mashed potatoes served toast, previously we have already discussed with you the recipe for their preparation.
    Decorated soup for children
    We have prepared a tasty and healthy lunch for which you say thank you and family, and your stomach. Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - If the soup turned out too thick, it can be diluted with water, broth or broth.

    - - To taste the soup was more tender, add to it before applying a small piece of butter.

    - - These soups are used when changing the diet of children in the second year of life. It is not yet an adult soup, but not mashed. But do not add in the soup are vegetables that your child has not yet been necessary.