Crab soup

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Category Soups
Cooking time: 2h
Person: 3 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

crab soup

Crab meat turns an ordinary soup into a real feast for the gourmet that will surprise your guests during the festive feast, or delight your loved ones in a lunch break. crab meat is very useful - it is characterized by high protein value and relatively low calorie content. It's easy and hearty soup made available ingredients that can be prepared even a beginner cook. Try it and love - soup with crab!

Ingredients for the soup with crab:

Crabs (crab meat) 1 PC. (300 g of meat)
Garlic 3 cloves
Bow 1 PC.
Canned tomatoes 1 can (150 mL)
Water cooking
Cream Table 3. spoons
Salt taste
Black pepper ground taste
Nutmeg taste
Dried basil taste
Greens (parsley, dill, cilantro) for registration


    Cutting board
    Nippers for chopping nuts

    Cooking soup with crab:

    Step 1: Boil the crab.

    cook crab
    To prepare the soup is suitable as a live crab, and fresh frozen, or even canned. Good suitable ready-made crab meat that did not have his "scratch out" from the shell. The first thing you need to boil a crab. It is believed that sea creatures need to boil sea water or ordinary water, but salted with sea salt - in any case, without salt, we can not do. In a saucepan pour a lot of water - so that the crab was covered completely. First we bring the water to a boil, then add 4 tablespoons of salt, stir to dissolve the salt, and then drop the crab. Cook it for 15 minutes until done, which can be determined by separating the small claws - they must be separated easily. Water reserve - it is still useful, but omit the finished crab in cold water to cool down and we were able to easily separate the meat. If you use fresh frozen already boiled crab, it is necessary to defrost and warm up a little bit - in boiling salted water. Only need to water a couple of glasses. A cook is also 10-15 minutes.

    Step 2: Cook the soup with crabs.

    Fried of onions and garlic
    Clear the onions and garlic, finely shinkuem them and passed on to a heated deep pan (you can use the pan), greased with vegetable oil. Fry for 2-3 minutes. We shift perezharku in the pan in which the soup will cook.
    Removing meat
    Before you add meat to soup, it must be removed. Getting clean crab legs - detachable limbs, carefully remove the shell and open it - it contains the most delicious meat. Remove it and set aside in a bowl. Gills remove - to the food they are not suitable, and add them to the soup, we will not. Under the shell, and where the claws are attached, are hiding a lot of small cracks with delicious meat - it, too, we add to the bowl. Crush claws with a nutcracker for chopping nuts and take out the white meat. Extracted crab meat in a frying pan to shift the onions and garlic, add spices to taste and a few tablespoons of water in which the cooked crab. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until the liquid has evaporated. Then, a little fry the contents and tasting - if spice is not enough, add more.
    wipe tomatoes
    While preparing the soup, open a jar of canned tomatoes and finely chop them or rubbed through a grater, and then spread into the pan, season with salt to taste and add 1 liter of broth - water in which they cooked crab. Cook 5 minutes, add the cream, mix soup, cook for another 5 minutes and turn off. crab soup is ready!

    Step 3: We serve the finished soup with crab. .

    crab soup is ready!
    We serve hot soup spilled on plates in portions, each of which you need to put on a few pieces of crab meat. Soup decorate with finely chopped herbs and served with toasted bread or croutons! Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - If you are cooking this soup from canned crab, pour the liquid from the jar. It is necessary to drain and add to the soup just before serving - so it will be more fragrant and tastier.

    - - Instead of canned tomatoes can be used conventional fresh, just remove the rind before grinding them. To do this, scald tomatoes with boiling water, take X-shaped incision and pull out of the corner.

    - - To make the soup better fed, add the potatoes or rice. Interesting taste you get when you add them to the soup fresh green peas or corn.