Cheese soup in multivarka

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Category Soups
Cooking time: 1h 15m
Person: 7 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Cheese soup in multivarka

Cheese soup in multivarka - Easy to prepare, but it is a delicious dish! It not only nourishes our body, but also gives warmth and incredible aroma. In addition, the soup consists essentially of vegetables that do not like children in a fresh and boiled. Therefore spinogryzov can thus deceive, but only for a higher purpose. Thanks to the assistant-multivarka all components likely to retain vitamins and nutrients than if you prepare a dish on the plate.

Ingredients for the cheese puree soup in multivarka:

medium sized potatoes 5 items
Onions medium size 1 piece
Carrots medium sized 2 pieces
Cream of a fat content of 15-20% 200 ml
Hard cheese 100g
Salt taste
Freshly ground black pepper taste
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
Cold water is clean 1.5 liters
bouillon cubes 1 piece
fresh parsley to taste (for decoration)


Chopping board, kitchen knife, table spoon, plate - 3 pieces, small bowl, multivarka, vegetable cutter, ladle, bowls for feeding, immersion blender, a coarse grater, a large pan with a lid, a saucer, a wooden spatula

Cooking cheese puree soup in multivarka:

Step 1: Prepare the onions.

chops onions

Using a knife, clear the bow of the hull and then thoroughly washed under running water. Next, lay out the components on a chopping board and chop finely diced. The shredded onion pour into a clean bowl.

Step 2: Prepare the carrots.

shinkuem carrots

Using vegetable slicers, clear the carrot peel. Then thoroughly wash vegetables under running warm water and spread on a cutting board. With a coarse grater rub the component directly over the free dish and yet leave aside.

Step 3: Prepare the potatoes.

shred the potato slices

The same vegetable slicers clear the potatoes from the skins and after a good wash under running warm water to remove the remains of the earth and other dirt. Now lay the tubers on a cutting board with a knife and chop medium pieces. The ground components are moved into a small bowl and fill it completely normal cold water to the potatoes are weather-beaten.

Step 4: Prepare the cheese.

rub cheese on a grater

With a coarse grater rub the cheese directly on the cutting board. Immediately afterwards, pour the chips in a clean plate and briefly left alone.

Step 5: Prepare the parsley.

shred parsley

Parsley wash under running water, shake off excess liquid and spread on a cutting board. Using a knife, finely chop herbs and immediately pour it into the saucer free. Attention: such a component can not be added to the soup, as it serves mainly decoration.

Step 6: prepare a cheese soup in multivarka.

fry the onion and carrot

In a saucepan Multivarki pour a small amount of olive oil and turn "Frying" mode. When the contents of the container is well warmed up, pour chopped onion here and carrot shavings. From time to time, stirring with a wooden spatula, fry all for 10 minutes.
pour in the cream soup

Next, lay out the potatoes in a saucepan and pour all the ingredients of pure cool water. Immediately add the bouillon cube here, and to taste salt and freshly ground black pepper. Now switch the mode to "Soup" or "Quenching", tightly close the lid and cook multivarku dish over 40 minutes. Vegetables should boil well and become soft. 5 minutes before the open end of the cap and pour the cream into the soup and grated hard cheese.
When you hear the corresponding signal, not in a hurry to invite all to the table, and include "Heating" mode and give the dish a little more permanent. Attention: cover of this should always be closed.
shred soup blender

At the end pour the soup into a large pan and, using an immersion blender, grind all as long as we do not get a creamy consistency.

Step 7: Post cheese soup in multivarka.

cheese soup in multivarka

With scoop spill soup on a deep plate and serve to the table with pieces of bread. Optionally, you can decorate a dish of finely chopped greens. However, in the cold season, this soup will remind the summer, so in winter I usually sprinkle it with parsley.
Enjoy your meal!

Tips to the recipe:

- In addition to the ingredients listed in the recipe, you can add a little soup and mushrooms. For example, it may be fresh mushrooms, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and even dried;

- This soup is best to store no more than two days in a pan under the lid tightly closed and necessarily in the refrigerator;

- Instead of the solid can be used and processed even tosterny cheese.