Bonn soup

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Cooking time: 30m
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Bonn soup

Bonn soup - This magnificent, diet, hot first course, which will allow you to get rid of extra kilos before the summer season of swimsuits. Delicate, fragrant and spicy measure magic soup works wonders!

Ingredients for soup Bonn:

Ingredients for soup Bonn:

Cabbage 1 head (700-800 grams)
Carrot 2 pieces
A tomato 3 pieces
Bulgarian pepper 2 pieces
Bulb onions 6 items
Celery 1 bunch (stem)
Distilled water is clean 2 liters
Concentrated lemon juice 1 tablespoon or to taste


Curry taste
garlic powder taste
Pepper black ground taste


    Cutting board
    Deep Dish - 6 pieces
    Deep pot with lid
    Measuring cup for water
    soup ladle

    Cooking soup Bonn:

    Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.

    Bonn soup
    To begin prepare vegetables with a sharp kitchen knife remove the stalk with a head of cabbage, peppers cut off from the stalk and gutting it from seed, have stalks celery remove the rhizome, with onions and carrots cut away the peel. Wash prepared for the further processing of the ingredients under a stream of cold running water from any kind of pollution. After we dry them with paper kitchen towels from moisture and a bunch of celery just shaken over the sink to get rid of the water droplets. Now alternately laid vegetables on a cutting board and cut carrots into half rings or rings with thickness up to 4 - 5 millimeters. Shinkuem cabbage strips with thickness up to 6 - 7 millimeters in diameter or cubes to 1 centimeters. Onions shinkuem an average diameter of up to Dice 1 cm, and a bundle of celery chop with a knife into pieces of arbitrary shape, with a diameter of not more than 1 - 1.5 centimeters.
    tomatoes and peppers
    Do tomatoes cut the place where the stem was attached, and cut into slices of thickness up to 2 centimeters or cubes of the same diameter. Bulgarian pepper cut into medium dice diameter up to 1 centimeters or strips with thickness up to 1 centimeters. Spread cut on separate bowls. Also put on the kitchen table all of these ingredients in spices, concentrated lemon juice and pure distilled water, previously handled in a measuring cup.

    Step 2: cook soup.

    vegetables in a pan
    Now we take a large deep pot, pour into it 2 liters of pure distilled water and put it on the plate included in the average. When the liquid comes to a boil in a container throws sliced ​​carrots and cook it 5 minutes. After the plates reduce the temperature to a level between small and medium. In the same pan add chopped onions, cabbage, celery stalks and cook soup 10 minutes more.
    vegetables in the soup
    Then enter pepper salad, tomato soup and cook until cooked all the vegetables more about 10 minutes. Now, in order that the first hot dish was bland not add to the pot all these ingredients in spices and concentrated lemon juice. Salt in this kind of soup do not put, as it is considered a dietary meal, and the product holds excess water in the body.
    pot of soup
    Once in the pot were added all the ingredients, stir the soup ladle, boil it even 1 - 2 minutes, turn off the stove, cover pan with a lid and give the brew for the first hot dish 7 - 10 minutes. Then poured fragrant vegetable soup in deep bowls and serve.

    Step 3: Post Bonn soup.

    soup Bonn
    Bonn soup is served hot as the first hot meal to the dinner table. In this soup includes common ingredients that promote fat burning, while they cleanse the body of toxins, improves the functioning of the digestive and excretory systems. The taste of the soup turns out tender, not greasy, with a slightly sour taste and delicate aroma of spices. Before serving at the request of each portion of soup, you can sprinkle with chopped green celery, cilantro, parsley or chives. Enjoy! Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - In order to obtain high quality results on a soup diet is to abandon excess salt, completely removed from the diet of flour products, ie bread, your favorite pasta, bread and more. It is also impossible to use carbonated water, milk products, cream products, sugar, honey, high sweetness and vegetables which contain starch which is potato, beans, corn. It is necessary to have a salad of fresh vegetables, not fried and steamed, baked or cooked food.

    - - This kind of soup to eat every day, replacing them with basic familiar dishes, that is, if you want to eat fried potatoes, better get yourself a plate of soup. Optionally, you can add 1 time per day 1 of soup servings 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

    - - Do not keen on "Bonn diet", it is enough to 7 days of intense eating soup. After this time, on the 8th day without fail it is necessary to eat that be higher in fat, such as chop, slice of cake, a plate of pasta, otherwise your stomach "decides" that you are starving, and will accumulate and not to drop fat. After 2 - 3 days can be resumed, "the Bonn diet."