Bean soup lean

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Category Soups
Cooking time: 14h
Person: 9-10 servings
Complexity: Average

Cooking process

Bean soup lean

Normal Lenten soup bean It can be very tasty, if prepared correctly. This recipe does not contain any secrets, it is simply a guiding thread that helps to cook a wonderful first hot meal for dinner from the most simple products, which almost always have on hand, it does not necessarily have to lean the food was tasteless!

Ingredients for vegetable soup bean:

Dry beans (any variety) 200 grams
Potatoes 3 tuber
Purified water 3 liters and 2 tablespoons (for refueling)
Bulb onions 1 piece (large)
Carrot 1 piece (average)
tomato paste 2 tablespoons
Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons
Salt taste
Pepper black ground taste
laurel leaf 2 pieces or to taste


Kitchen scales, measuring cup, deep bowl - 2-3 pieces, colander, cooker, deep pan with a lid (4 liters capacity), skimmer, kitchen knife, cutting board, paper kitchen towels, frying pan, a wooden or silicone cooking spatula, ladle, Portion deep dish.

Cooking soup bean vegetable:

Step 1: Prepare the beans.

beans in water

Of course, everyone knows that any variety of beans is very rich in proteins, so today's dish will not only tasty and healthy, but also very satisfying, which is very necessary during any post. First you need to properly prepare the beans so they do not cause unpleasant fermentation in the gut. So, spread them on the table, after the laid baking sheet or parchment paper and sorted out, removing the rubbish of any kind, such as dry twigs or pebbles. After that, we are thrown back beans in a colander, rinse, move into a deep bowl and fill with purified water so that was higher by 5-6 fingers. We reserve the ingredient to infuse 7-8, and preferably 12 hours from the evening to night. If preparing soup in winter, early spring or autumn, then keep the beans at room temperature, if the summer, then in the refrigerator.

Step 2: Boil the beans.

beans in a saucepan

After half a day is thrown back swollen beans in a colander and thoroughly washed again. Then send in a deep pan, pour the required amount of purified water and put on medium heat. After boiling, using a slotted spoon, remove from the surface of the liquid pobulkivayuschey gray-white foam - coagulated protein. Cook the beans under the cover lid to almost fully cooked about 1 chasa. As you can see, the duration of this process may vary depending on the time of the infusion, as well as the type and quality beans.

Step 3: preparing the remaining ingredients.

potatoes sliced

So far, the main ingredient of boiled, are engaged in other, using a sharp kitchen knife peeled all the necessary vegetables. Thoroughly wash them, dry them with paper kitchen towels, in turn, spread on a cutting board and continue training. Potatoes cut into cubes the size of about 2.5 centimeters, throw down in a deep bowl and fill it with tap water, so as to completely covered, now it does not get dark until use.
sliced ​​onion

Onions chop into cubes or strips with a thickness of 5 to 6 millimeters.
sliced ​​carrots

Carrots also shred any shinkuem at medium or large grater. After that we put on the table the other components of food and move on.

Step 4: prepare a vegetable filling soup bean vegetable.

vegetables in a pan

No minute do not lose, put the pan on medium heat and pour into it a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil. After a few minutes, drop into the bowl of sliced ​​onions and passeruem it for 2-3 minutes, until transparent, periodically loosening the wooden or silicone spatula kitchen. Then we send him carrots and fry them together around 4-5 minutes until the last tender. Then add in the tomato paste filling, a couple of tablespoons of water, thoroughly mix all, still stands on the plate 2 minutes and moves to the side to use.

Step 5: please be meatless soup bean until cooked.

meatless bean soup ready

When the bean is a semi, then there will be quite soft, add to it chopped potatoes and cook them together 20 minutes. Then put in a vegetable soup is almost finished filling of onions, carrots and tomato paste.

Seasons already flavorful dish to taste with salt, black pepper and laurel leaves. Gently mix all the same with a slotted spoon and cook another dish 5-7 minutes. Then, turn off the stove, cover pan and cover later 10-15 minutes We proceed to the tasting!

Step 6: Post-bean soup lean.

Lenten soup bean

Bean soup insist lean after cooking, then use the ladle is poured in portions on plates and optional pritrushivayut each finely chopped fresh dill, parsley, cilantro, basil or chives. On the dining table is a miracle put hot with something refreshing, for example, lettuce, pickles or pickle, and, of course, mandatory attribute is hearty hlebushek, although crackers or toast also work. Cook with love and enjoy a delicious meal, even on fast days!
Bon Appetit!

Tips to the recipe:

- For people who observe xerophagy days, you can add to the soup with carrots undercooked onions and pour the tomato paste, pre-diluted in water together with a refined vegetable oil;

- Some housewives replace tomato paste fresh blanched finely chopped tomatoes or thick homemade tomato juice;

- Sometimes in the dressing put a few tablespoons of roasted wheat flour, by the consistency of the soup becomes thick, rich and somehow reminds gravy;

- Very often for 5 minutes until cooked soup seasoned squeezed through a press garlic and finely chopped fresh herbs.