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Category Snacks
Cooking time: 2h 30m
Person: 4-6 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process


If you love seafood and light snacks in the preparation of the plan, then you here! I invite you to please yourself and your friends and loved ones a cold appetizer of salmon fillet with cream filling. Snack called timbale. Let's start!

Ingredients for timbale:

The cleaned-salted salmon fillet 300 gr.
Cream cheese classic cream (suitable "Orbit") 100 gr.
Soft cheese 15% 150 gr.
Cream 33% 100 gr.
Crab meat 200 gr.
fresh dill 150 gr.


    Cutting board
    Batch molds for baking (if not, you can use glasses or small cups)
    food film
    Spoon tea (dining room)
    Kitchen towel

    Preparation timbale:

    Step 1: prepare improvised molds and fish.

    The form
    Portioned form as such do not need to prepare. If there is no form, and you can use a cup or a glass (as an option, wide stack), the dishes washed and dried thoroughly. Cut into squares of plastic wrap so that they are fully covered from the inside and the form still hung on the edge of a centimeter 3. Molds are ready. Salmon fillets We get out of the packaging and cut into strips. Let me explain what it is. One strip must completely cover the width of the bottom of the cookware, those. We need to stack the strip width of the fish no more than 3-4 cm. The second strip is a cross superimposed on the first. The lengths of the strips should be enough for hanging on the edge of 2-3 cm fish from the face shape, with strip tightly lie on the bumpers form. Solid geometry and mathematics! As in every shape laid out the fish, you can start stuffing for fish.

    Step 2: preparing a creamy filling.

    cream cheese
    Crab meat disassemble the fiber. Dill shinkuem, we save some. In a blender grind and mix the cream cheese and soft cheese, pour the cream, add the greens and stir. Then add crab meat and a mix. The fibers of the meat will play the role of "binder". teaspoon fill the form with fish stuffing closely. Cover the edges of the fish on top of the stuffing as well - crosswise. And on top of the stretch the plastic wrap. Overturn the form of the head and put in the fridge for an hour and a half or two.

    Step 3: serve cold appetizer "timbale"!

    When in two hours you pull molds, filling hardens, and can be removed from the mold Timbay. To do this, open the edges of the film and pull it out of shape. Only carefully, can dramatically "jump". Pull out the timbale and can shoot the film. You have to get as kegs. They are spread on a plate and sprinkle with remaining herbs. Our timbale - This gentle creamy fish appetizer. Done! Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - If for some reason you can not find processed cheese, the cheese can be used in the bath, such as Hochland, but definitely classic, without flavorings;

    - - Instead of salmon can use any red fish, the main thing that fillets were pitted;

    - - The stuffing can also invest and savory cheeses, on your taste.