Herring marinated in Korean

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Category Snacks
Cooking time: 3h 30m
Person: 6 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Herring marinated in Korean

Herring marinated in Korean - is the perfect snack, prepared not only for the holiday table, but for the daily lunch. And do not worry that it is a bony, I'll show you how it should be properly cleaned and prepared.

Ingredients for herring marinated in Korean:

Herring 1 kg.
Bulb onions 6 pcs.
Tomato paste 1 tablespoon
Vinegar (9%) 65 ml.
Pepper black ground taste
Peppers red hot taste
Salt taste
Vegetable oil taste


    Cutting board
    Kitchen knife
    A bowl
    serving Dishes

    Preparation of herring marinated in Korean:

    Step 1: Clean the fish.

    cut fish
    I bought fresh herring, so I can immediately start processing it. But if you have frozen fish, its first step should be thawed at room temperature. So, with the herring cut off his head, tail, fins and bellies. Then cut crosswise on her stomach and we clean the colon. Then cut in half the fish and remove the backbone and rib bones.
    ready fillets
    Please note, we do not remove the skins.
    cut into pieces
    So, we've got 4 fish fillets, which we then cut into slices, thick approximately 4 cm.
    chop eggs
    I stayed on the fish roe and caviar, which I also coarsely chopped.

    Step 2: pickling herring.

    clear the bow
    Now clear the onions, my well under cold running water and cut it into half rings.
    cut into half rings
    And Now for marinating.
    dressed with spices and tomato paste
    In a bowl we shift slices of fillet, salt, pepper and spicy black pepper, add the tomato paste and mix well.
    add vinegar and eggs
    After that, add the vinegar and chopped milk with eggs, stir and finally dressed with vegetable oil.
    add onions
    Add the onions, of course, we interfere and send in the refrigerator for at least 3 hour.

    Step 3: We serve herring, marinated in Korean.

    We serve
    Pickled herring is passed on to a serving dish and serve. As a side dish you can cook baked potatoes, as well as an aperitif served cold vodka. Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - If you do not want to play with the fish, buy a ready-made, cleaned fillet.

    - - I do not peel herring rented, but if you have the desire, you can remove it, and do not be afraid that you can break up the fillet, because we still need to cut it.

    - - If you know that you have a slight vinegar, add a little more, but do not overdo it, otherwise the fish will be very acidic.