Aspic classic

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Cooking time: 8h
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Average

Cooking process

Aspic classic

Aspic classic - Delicious festive food from a specific set of meat and vegetables. Although this dish is quite simple, but it requires some patience. There are a number of rules, knowing that you will be able to cook this dish easily, and we are happy to share them with you!

Ingredients for classic brawn:

Legs of pork (with claws) 3-5 pieces
Legs beef 2-3 pieces
Leg of pork 500 grams
Bulb onions 2-3shtuki
Garlic 10-12 teeth
Carrot 2-3 pieces
laurel leaf 4-5 pieces
Black pepper peas 7-8 pieces or to taste
Salt taste
Purified water qs


Paper kitchen towels, kitchen scraper Kitchen hatchet Kitchen knife - 2 - 3 pieces, Cutting board - 2 - 3 pieces, Tablespoon, Deep pot with lid - 2 pieces (capacity 5 liters), Stove, Skimmer, deep bowl - 2 pieces, Deep dish - 2 pieces, form brawn - as necessary, sieve with a fine mesh, aluminum food foil (PE film), Spoon, Refrigerator

Preparing aspic classical:

Step 1: Prepare the feet and ham - the first stage.

legs and meat

Pork, beef and ham legs and require very careful preparation! To start wash them, dry them with paper kitchen towels and singe on a large fire from all sides, thus getting rid of the hairs.

Then washed again, but this time with a scraper or a sharp knife to scrape off the meat product burns - the upper dark layer of soot. After this, in turn, spread them on a cutting board and chop kitchen hatchet into large pieces, for example, each leg 2, and the ham into 2-3 pieces.

We shift them in a deep pan, pour normal tap water so that it completely covered the meat ingredients, add to a tablespoon of salt and give the opportunity to these products to stand for 2-3 hours.

Step 2: Prepare feet and ham - the second stage.

flesh in water

After the desired time, re-wash of the meat products, put them back in the pan, pour a new portion of the flow of water and put on medium heat. Once the liquid boils and gray foam appears on the surface, merge the contents of the pan into a clean bowl.

Again washed out parts of the legs and hams, we shift them into a clean saucepan and deep in this time fill with purified water, above the level of meat to 5-7 centimeters.

Step 3: cook jelly - the first stage.

meat in the sink

Then put the pan over high heat, and after boiling reduce it to a level between small and medium. Cook meat broth 5-6 hours, Under the cover lid, periodically removing his skimmer remains of coagulated protein - noise.

If during the preparation of the liquid begins to boil, it is better to reduce the heat to low, to the broth only slightly pobulkival, otherwise it will turn cloudy!

Step 4: prepare the remaining ingredients.

onions and carrots

After 4-5 hours you can proceed to the preparation of other products, which are needed for making aspic. Carrots peeled and the onions from the husk - on request, saying that it peels gives this dish a nice golden color.

With garlic cloves and remove the skin, rinse thoroughly with vegetables under cold running water and dry them with paper kitchen towels, place in a bowl and put it on the table, salt and spices.

Step 5: cook jelly - the second stage.

spices in the palm of your hand

After 5-6 hours the meat will begin to move away from the bone, it's time to start the final stage of preparing aspic. Put the broth carrot, onion, laurel leaf, pea of ​​black pepper and salt to taste.
the meat in the pan

Cook all together for another 1 hour, then using the same to shift the skimmer meat products deep bowl and on the plate - cooked carrots and onions.
garlic through a press

Further squeezing into the broth through a press garlic cloves half, and if you do not like raw grains in this vegetable aspic frozen, then it is possible to put all at once. Boil fragrant dish yet 5-7 minutes and turn off the stove.

Then remove the excess from the surface of the broth of pork and beef fat. Then rearrange the pot in a cool place and allowed to cool its contents to room temperature. It will take about 1.5-2 hours.

Step 6: prepare boiled meat.

meat in the form of

When the meat has cooled, remove it from the bones, spread on a cutting board, chop finely with a sharp knife or simply disassemble the fiber and arranged in equal numbers on the forms: bowls, plastic containers, salad bowls, large bowls.

Boiled carrots can also be used, for example, in the form of jewelry, but not before it is cut into rings or cubes.

Step 7: Prepare the broth.

broth in a sieve

Some time later, after the broth has cooled and infusions, we filter it through a fine mesh sieve into a clean deep pan.
broth in a saucepan

By necessity repeat this process several times so that the fluid more transparent.

Step 8: proof dish until fully cooked.

broth ladle

Further, if not all used garlic, squeezing in every shape by half or one clove, and if you prefer to do without the raw vegetable in the finished dish, then using a ladle to pour the cooled form with meat broth.
jelly in the refrigerator

Tighten them with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and put the food in the refrigerator until completely pour aspic.

Step 9: Post aspic classic.

aspic classic

Aspic classic after cooking is cooled in a refrigerator until complete solidification. Then it is served to the table with bread meats, mustard, spicy horseradish and ketchup. At the request of each serving dish decorated with dill or parsley. Enjoy!
Bon Appetit!

Tips to the recipe:

- In addition to black pepper, you can use dried dill, parsley, allspice and a little chili;

- Ham can be replaced with two chicken breasts, turkey, beef, but it is desirable that the meat was from the veins and skin, they also contain substances that contribute to solidify aspic;

- Soaking and cooking of meat products first - a mandatory procedure. This process is necessary in order to remove the meat from most of clotted blood;

- Sometimes complementary set of vegetables and parsley stalks of celery.