Appetizer of porcini

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Category Snacks
Cooking time: 2h
Person: 4 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Appetizer of porcini

Appetizer of porcini - A truly royal, as white fungus, or as it is called - boletus, considered on its nutritional and taste properties of the best mushroom delicacy. Not without reason in the people speak: "white mushroom - general over all the mushrooms," so this dish will take up on your desk is the place of honor, and will not leave indifferent any of your guests!

Ingredients for snacks porcini:

White mushrooms, large 4 pieces
Olive oil 50 ml
Frozen chopped spinach 300 grams
tomato paste 100g
Green onion taste
Dried tomatoes in oil (slices) 75-100 grams
Spice chili pepper (powder) 1/4 tsp
Hard cheese 100g


Oven, paper towels, cutting board, kitchen knife, pastry brush, Food foil for baking, baking, kitchen potholders, sieve, bowl, table spoon, dessert spoon, bowl, wooden spoon, platter to feed

Preparation of snacks porcini:

Step 1: Prepare the mushrooms.

We treat white mushrooms
White mushrooms prized for their taste and nutritional properties, they belong to the first category for being better than other mushrooms absorbed in the human body, but also contain a lot of vitamins such as A (in the form of carotene), C, and in very large numbers Riboflavin vitamin D, which is a part Borovika responsible for the growth of nails, hair, skin and body health in general, and dried mushrooms and used even as a drug that fights cancers, as well as tuberculosis and prostration. It is interesting to know that externally white fungus has a color from light gray to brown. But the fact is that when it is cut and dried Borovik, he cut does not darken and the mushroom soup is white and transparent, so the second name of this mushroom "white bone", that is "noble"! Boroviki good in all types of cooking, which means that it can fry, stew, cook and dry. Thus taste qualities are not changed. Mushroom dishes are always flavorful and rich smell and taste. So, before we bake our ingredient in the oven, it warm up to 200 ° C, promoem and mushrooms under running warm water and dry with a kitchen paper towel. Then spread them on a cutting board with a knife and cut off at the base of the mushroom cap legs.
Put the mushrooms on a baking tray
Using pastry brush lubricates the mushroom caps on both sides with oil. We spread our ingredient in the food in advance the laid foil pan and bake for 15-20 minutes. After - pull out the pan using oven gloves to the finished product, and without removing it from the mold, set aside to the side.

Step 2: Prepare the spinach.

thawed spinach
Anyone who adheres to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle sign spinach. Useful properties of the herb due to the presence of vitamins A, E, D, C, folic acid and trace elements calcium, iron and iodine. Since the contained nutrients in spinach are resistant to freezing and can be stored in this form up to 3 months, so often in supermarkets can see them frozen. And so, we spread our ingredient in a sieve and leave it thawed to room temperature, to a plant went excess fluid. After that spinach lightly squeeze hands and we shift into a bowl.

Step 3: Prepare the spinach-tomato paste.

mix tomato paste with spinach
In a bowl with spinach pressed using a tablespoon of tomato paste add and well mix all until smooth. Attention: if you want to prepare a meal in the summer, you can substitute fresh tomatoes tomato paste. Simply pour fresh vegetables with boiling water and leave them for 10 minutes in order to then easily remove the peel. And only with the help of a blender transform tomatoes in tomato puree. To prepare fresh tomato paste you will need 2-3 medium-sized vegetable.

Step 4: Prepare the green onions.

finely chop green onions
Wash the onion-pen under running warm water, gently wipe it from the water and passed on to the cutting board. Knife grind ingredient and spread in a bowl.

Step 5: prepare dried tomatoes.

Put the dried tomatoes in a sieve
We spread the dried tomatoes in a sieve and leave for some time to have a glass excess oil. This ingredient is actually dried in the hot summer sun twice: the first time when it matures, and the second time when it dried. The dried tomato leaves unforgettable aroma in your main dish, and will resemble real fresh tomatoes. This is the highlight of our recipe, besides it is not difficult to buy in any supermarket town.

Step 6: prepare the vegetable mixture.

mix green onions with dried tomatoes
In a bowl with the chopped chives Put the dried tomatoes and add a teaspoon of chili spice. Attention: as this is quite sharp spice taste, so I recommend adding it to our ingredients, just a little bit. Using a tablespoon all mix well until a homogeneous mixture.

Step 7: Prepare the cheese.

shred cheese
In a clean bowl using a coarse grater rub the cheese.

Step 8: prepare a snack with white mushrooms.

Put the mushrooms on spinach
We spread the spinach using a dessert spoon on the corrugated part of the fungus, leveling assistant inventory stuffing across the surface of the mushroom.
Put the spinach in the vegetable stuffing
Then lay a second layer of a spoon - vegetable mixture.
sprinkle with grated cheese dish
After that, we sprinkle the dish with grated cheese and we can move on to step baking snacks with white mushrooms. Put the pan with a dish in the oven and bake 7-12 minutes until until the cheese begins to melt and coated with delicate golden crust. Attention: before we bake our dishes including oven and progreem to a temperature 200-250 ° C.

Step 9: Post a snack with white mushrooms.

Appetizer of porcini
Immediately after cooking, the dish from the oven and a wooden ruler carefully passed on to a flat dish to feed a festive table. Before serving, decorate with sprigs of greenery mushroom appetizer. You can apply and sour cream. Enjoy your meal!

Tips to the recipe:

- - The remaining mushroom legs do not throw away. They can be chopped with a knife and fry in a pan in vegetable oil and then add to vegetable mixture.

- - For the grated cheese powder you can use any variety of cheese.

- - Spinach can be used fresh, if you have the opportunity. Dish of this will be more fragrant and tasty.

- - If you wish to stuffing of vegetables can be added and boiled meat, pre-chopped him.

- - It is important to choose a good fresh white mushrooms. The dish is not recommended to cook, if you do not believe in the product, as we previously did not boil the mushrooms and bake them in a raw state.