This Polish fish sauce

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Cooking time: 40m
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

This Polish fish sauce

This Polish fish sauce - A spicy dressing that not only will decorate any holiday table, but will make particularly delicious fish dishes. Preparing a sauce is very simple, the main thing to use fresh quality products and a special container, which can be boiled melted butter and know exactly what it is not will burn. This is very important as the taste of burnt butter component may spoil the taste of the sauce.

Ingredients for the preparation of the Polish fish sauce:

Butter 300 grams
Lemon medium size 1 piece
Eggs 5 items
Salt taste
fresh parsley 2 beam


    Average pot
    Cutting board
    Plate - 2 pieces
    Kitchen stove
    Juicer or bowl
    Glass jar
    Cover for banks
    Wooden shovel
    Kitchen paper towel
    Scoop medium size

    Preparation of the Polish fish sauce:

    Step 1: Prepare the egg.

    cook hard-boiled eggs
    So, first of all lay the eggs in a medium bowl and fill the container with water so that it completely covers the ingredient. Put the pan over medium heat, and after boiling water, cook the eggs for another 20 minutes the fire below the average. Immediately afterwards, turn off the burner, and a container of egg component put under running cold water to quickly cool down the eggs, and they were easy to remove the shell.
    shred eggs
    Then, after we have removed from the shell ingredient, spread it on the chopping board with a knife and cut into four pieces. eggs quartered we shift into a blender cup, and at an average speed grind component to the state average in size crumbs. Attention: strong crush the eggs, too, should not be that we have not got mashed. Therefore it is best to use 4-6 speed blender. Crushed egg we shift into a clean bowl.

    Step 2: Prepare the parsley.

    finely chop the parsley
    parsley good wash under running water, and after - wipe dry ingredient using kitchen paper towel. Then, spread fresh herbs on a cutting board and, using a knife, finely chop it. Chopped parsley we shift to a free plate.

    Step 3: Prepare a lemon.

    squeezing lemon juice
    In fact, we do not need the lemon itself, but only its juice. Therefore, to begin with good ingredient washed out under running water and then spread citrus on a chopping board. Cut ingredient, using a knife, into two halves and then - from each squeezing lemon juice on a juicer. Attention: if you did not have a hand juicer, do not worry, as it will serve as a replacement of your crazy hands and bowl in which we are going to squeeze the juice of citrus. To do this, simply each half component in turn strongly squeeze hands.

    Step 4: Prepare the butter.

    melt the butter
    We spread the butter in a clean, dry saucepan and set over medium heat capacity. With constant stirring using a wooden butter component of the blade, bringing it to a liquid state. After this, the burner shuts down, or do less than the average fire and immediately move on to the process of preparation of Polish sauce.

    Step 5: prepare a real Polish fish sauce.

    mix all the ingredients for the dishes
    Immediately after the liquid butter boil, make a small fire in a saucepan and add the chopped eggs and parsley. Season with salt to taste the sauce and pour part fresh lemon juice. Well all the stir and cook for a Polish gas station 3 minutes. Attention: the sauce must be constantly disturb assistant inventory. Immediately upon the expiration of the allotted time, turn off the hotplate and saucepan set aside to the side, he continued to not be heated by the hot burners. As soon as this Polish fish sauce has cooled, it can be transfused into saucers and serve. If you decide to cook this delicious dressing in advance, then using shovels pour filling into a clean jar, cover tightly with a lid and put in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. Attention: and to ensure that the sauce is not corrupted, it necessarily need to pour into a clean sterilized jar and close the lid clean.

    Step 6: Post a real Polish fish sauce.

    Polish real fish sauce
    This dressing like a true Polish fish sauce is perfect for all seafood dishes. In particular, he makes a spicy dish made from fish low-fat varieties. Serve the sauce can be as warm, and in the cold, as he in any case, a delicious, fragrant, with spicy acidity and tastefully freshness. Enjoy your meal!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - To the sauce has a more intense yellow color and was even more delicious, it is best to add boiled eggs in his home.

    - - For the preparation of the Polish fish sauce, use only high-quality fresh butter proven brands.

    - - For sharpness to the sauce, you can add black pepper. But in any case, do not overdo it with this spice as it may kill the taste of the most filling.