Strudel fast with Peppers

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Category Rustic Various
Préparation: 30 minutes
personnes: 4 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Strudel fast with Peppers

The traffic at peak times hounding it's always the same story, just a few minutes late to work that everyone seems to come again upon the street as if they were running from something! In your mind begin to blend ideas as salad fast or Pizza? Get home a little 'more tired than usual, you still have not decided for dinner, and ... Zacchi! Here you are there waiting for your best friend who is coming to get you a little surprise!

Yes, just a little surprise it is, good or bad do not know! Are you happy to see you again after so long, but now you can not hold back: you have to prepare something quick and delicious and you do not know what to do. A beautiful box of prepared peppers is what can help you, you just open it and read as do the fast strudel with peppers And that's it!

She is not very skilled in the kitchen and does not know what to prepare for dinner tonight I will take a few minutes and, as always, will fill you with compliments, continuing to idolize her super chef friend! In five minutes laws as do the fast strudel with peppers, The rest of the time trascorrilo talking lovingly with your friend. Always keep on hand simple and quick recipes like this, and never give up the company's pleasure that only a true friend can give.

The Fast pepperoni strudel It is a fast savory strudel among the most simple and fast that there are! A crispy puff pastry layer around the filling of peppers, bacon and provolone. You can vary the filling modifying it according to your taste, in essence, the country does not change, and above all does not change its speed of preparation!

How fast do the strudel with peppers

A quick strudel made with roasted peppers, to make dinner a delicious moment!

Ingredients for 4 people)

1 roll of puff pastry
400 grams of peppers (Roasted canned)
100 grams of bacon (Sweet diced)
2-3 slices of provolone
q.s. of olive oil (Extra virgin)
1 egg white
q.s. of salt
q.s. of pepper


    To prepare Fast pepperoni strudel Take the grilled peppers and cut into strips.
    Strudel fast with Peppers
    Gather the peppers in a bowl and toss with a little olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper.
    Strudel fast with Peppers
    Roll out the puff pastry and spread in over the peppers.
    Strudel fast with Peppers
    Add the diced bacon and chopped provolone.
    Strudel fast with Peppers
    Strudel fast with Peppers
    Roll the puff pastry to form a strudel, close it at the sides, practiced cuts of the surface and brush with egg white.
    Strudel fast with Peppers
    Strudel fast with Peppers
    Bake the strudel in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
    Strudel fast with Peppers
    Remove from oven and serve immediately or let cool.
    Yours Fast pepperoni strudel it's ready!
    Strudel fast with Peppers

In this recipe we were used Roasted peppers the Flaming.