Zhizhig-galnash — recipe with photos, how to cook a dish Chechen

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Cooking time: 180 min.
Person: 4 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Zhizhig-galnash - recipe with photos, how to cook a dish Chechen


Zhizhig-galnash - This is the national dish of the Chechen cuisine, the recipe of which as a whole is typical for the entire Caucasus region. Preparing it is based on broth of mutton or beef. The dish turns out very hearty and tasty. In Chechnya they say about zhizhig-galnash: "Prepare for three, and the fourth had enough!".

The preparation of this dish takes a lot of time due to the broth, as it is best to cook zhizhig-galnash beef or lamb. Only in the main cooking broth takes several hours. For broth with dumplings are usually served either garlic sauce or potato-onion - in both cases, the dish will be insanely delicious.

People who are watching their figures, it is undesirable to use zhizhig-zhalnash, because this dish is very nutritious. Previously, it was prepared for the men so that they can in one meal get the daily requirement of calories and a lot of work without loss of strength.

Cooking a dish zhizhig Chechen-galnash best for a big friendly company that has decided to try something new and unusual. Features a zhizhig-galnasha can learn from the detailed recipe with step by step actions and photos.


(1 kg)

Bulb onions
(1 PC.)

Bay leaf
(2 pcs.)

white salt

Pepper black ground

Green onion

Wheat flour
(350-400 g)

(4-5 liters of broth + 1/2 v. The warm dough)

Baking soda
(1 pinch)

Vegetable oil
(1 tbsp. L.)

(5-6 cloves)

cooking Steps

Take the lamb or beef, wash under running water, using a large knife cut into small pieces, put in a pan, fill with water and put it on the stove to boil the broth. In the meantime, we clear the onions from the husk and the whole put in a pot with meat. There also send salt, pepper and bay leaf. Cook broth approximately 1.5 hours, removing the foam periodically.

cooking soup

While the broth is cooked, start cooking the dough for dumplings. Cooking start with, in a bowl, mix the water with salt, baking soda and a small amount of sunflower oil. Take the flour and gradually mixed into the dough. Mesim hands until then, until the mixture no longer stick. After sculpt dough large bowl and leave to rest for 15 minutes. Cover with a towel.


After time knife cut the dough into 5 parts. Each of them is transformed into a "sausage", whose diameter should be about 2 cm. Then cut it into small pieces, so-called dumplings. Their width should be no more than 1 cm.

a cut

Now lepim galnash. One piece of dough gently pressed her fingers slightly pressing on, and then put his hand on top and we roll to him.

how to sculpt

The end result should be a galnashik here, as in the photo.


Ready-made dumplings put on a surface that advance should be liberally sprinkled with flour.

Chechen dumplings

At the end of the cooking broth and meat extract of the liquid into another container and properly pritrushivaem finely chopped green onions.

green onions

The remains of broth (it should be a big part) cook dumplings. Boil them a little less than half an hour.

how to brew

Prepare the sauce of garlic. To do this cleanse garlic peeled and rub it with salt and fill it with soup. When Chechen zhizhig-galnash be fully prepared, we begin to make out the traditional supply for him. To do this, put on a large platter pialki with garlic sauce around gently put the dumplings, and on top of them - cooked pieces of meat. In a separate bowl, pour the broth, which we washed down with meat and galnash.

how to apply

Bon Appetit!