Vegetarian coat without herring — a step by step recipe for salad with photos

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Cooking time: 15 minutes.
Person: 8 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Vegetarian coat without herring - a step by step recipe for salad with photos


Vegetarian coat - Is one of the interpretations of the usual salad for us, "Herring under a fur coat", no less tasty and appetizing. It is not usual to have two components: the herring and eggs. But there are pickled mushrooms. You can use any, but in this recipe we took mushrooms. In addition, you get a very tasty, if used oyster mushrooms marinated in vinegar with spices for fish. To fill the salad is best to lean soy mayonnaise.

Although vegetarian "Dressed Herring" the taste is different from the classic version of the salad, but it will still get enough delicious. Incidentally, the coat will be less high-calorie, but because of fear for the figure you can not experience.

So, we proceed directly to consideration of picture vegetarian recipe coats.

cooking Steps

Prepare the necessary components for a salad. At the same time the potatoes, carrots and beets decoction in advance.

salad ingredients

To construct improvised form of salad, in this case it is simply a folded sheet of cardboard.

Mold put on a plate. The first layer spread salted mushrooms.

salad with milk mushrooms

Bulb onion we shall cut half rings and zamarinuem it.

pickled onion

Boiled potatoes, carrots and beets rub on a small grater.

grated vegetables

Spread on mushrooms marinated onions. On top put the potatoes.

with potato salad

Lubricate the potato layer with soy mayonnaise.

potatoes with mayonnaise

We spread the grated carrot, and then also lubricates it with mayonnaise.

grated carrots

Now turn beet. It also needs to be spread with mayonnaise.

grated beets

It remains only to remove the ring and salad can be served vegetarian coat to the table.

Vegetarian coat is ready!

Bon Appetit!!!