Ukrainian dumplings on kefir — a recipe, how to cook a couple

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Cooking time: 60 min.
Person: 6 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Ukrainian dumplings on kefir - a recipe, how to cook a couple


Ukrainian dumplings on kefir with berry filling - simple, but delicious and satisfying dessert, featuring alternative to cakes and pies. They do not even have to cook some special content, because in our step by step recipe with photos just dumplings stuffed with strawberries and red currants (can be frozen), with the addition of sugar.

In preparing the dumplings on yogurt at home most importantly - the dough, which should be thin and airy, but elastic enough to not break when boiling a couple. It thus turns out the dough for the dumplings according to our recipe. It is so gentle that almost merges with berry filling, without interrupting her taste and not dragging the accents.

Through proper selection of ingredients, steam dumplings kefir out air and lush and perfectly combines with sweet sauces (such as vanilla) and tea.


Wheat flour
(800 g)

(1 PC.)

(400 ml)

Baking soda

(200 g)

Red currants
(200 g)


white salt
(1 hr. L.)

cooking Steps

Pour into a container with 400 ml of yogurt and dissolved therein 5 g of baking soda and 1 ch. L. salt. We are trying to drive one chicken egg and stir everything well.

Ingredients for the dough

Gradually pour into kefir mixture of 800 g of sifted flour and knead not very stiff dough. Give him a little break.

dough on kefir

Meanwhile, separately mixed with 100 g of sugar, 200 grams of red currant and sliced ​​strawberries.

strawberries with sugar

We roll out the dough into a flat round cake and a glass cut out circles from it.

cut out circles of dough

Each circle stuffed with berries and sugar.

dumplings with strawberries

The ends of the dough tightly close up.

molding dumplings

In this form, send dumplings in the steamer (or multivarku with the corresponding function). For boiling a couple of them will be enough just a couple of minutes. However, if you want, you can cook them in the usual way - in the water.


Steam dumplings on yogurt with berry filling served at the table with a cup of hot tea.

Steam dumplings on kefir

Enjoy your tea!