Tyay (soybean paste) — a recipe how to cook Korean seasoning

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Cooking time: 120 min.
Person: 30 servings
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Cooking process

Tyay (soybean paste) - a recipe how to cook Korean seasoning


Tyay (soybean paste) - Is the perfect complement to many dishes and food. Soybean paste is used in Korean cuisine and is added to almost every dish.

Tyay can be found here, but the taste of shopping soybean paste is significantly different from that which can be prepared at home. Perhaps some of you remember how your mother or grandmother cooked soybean paste summer. She cooked soya beans, properly salted them and passed through a meat grinder, then made from the resulting pulp cakes and hung out in the shade, wrapped them in gauze. These cakes dried up all summer, and then milled into a powder and added to sauces, soups and other dishes as a condiment.

"What is useful tyay, and why the indigenous people of the East, he is a major addition to the food?" - You ask. Everything is very simple. Korean soybean paste - this is a real "elixir of youth." It contains in its composition a vegetable protein and fiber which promote normal functioning of the digestive tract and outputting the harmful substances from the body. The soybean paste absolutely no cholesterol, and it is able to excrete even radioactive elements. Regular consumption tyaya reduces the risk of cancer. And that soybean paste is a direct way to longevity, you can talk endlessly.

Tyay has a neutral taste, but the heat treatment and roasting it opens new tastes and flavors. Soybean paste can be added during the preparation of different soups, sauces, sautéing vegetables. You can even just spread it on the bread and savor.

If you want to make a soy paste tyay at home, you need to know some of the secrets of cooking this dish. It is important to learn the basic recommendations for drying and storage tyaya, because it the correct drying process - is the key to providing valuable and useful food additives.

About the correct sequence preparing soybean paste, as well as all the nuances and tricks of its storage, tell our detailed step by step recipe with photos. If you do it right, then your home will be a real elixir of youth and longevity.


(1 kg of beans)

Soy sauce
(700 ml)

white salt

cooking Steps

Soybeans should be thoroughly washed before until the water is completely transparent. Remove all debris from the soybeans.

soya beans

After that, pour the beans with cold water and leave to infuse for 8-10 hours.

a soak

When they infusions within the specified time, it is necessary to drain the water and soy to shift into a saucepan. Fill it with water to soy Vodicka covered from top to 6-7 centimeters. First, cook soy beans over high heat until, until they begin to boil. Then reduce the heat.

how to brew

Boil the beans until tender. Only after that the fire can be turned off, drain the water and soy to cool completely.

boiled soybeans

Chop the cooked beans in a meat grinder.

as a granulate of a meat grinder

Blindly from them such as in the photo, patty.

soy cakes

Fold the tortillas on top of each other in columns of three pieces each.

how to fold

Form the ground all the beans in these columns.

how to make

Prepare a cotton or gauze ribbons and tie them all neatly cakes. Choose the warm room, that is in your home, and hang to dry tyay future. And now a very important point: In no case can not prevent the emergence of drafts in the room where it will be dried boiled soybeans. Often the duration of its drying can take up to two months. With regular intervals is necessary to turn the cake.

how to dry

A few weeks later (usually 8-10) completely dried soya cake can be removed. That's how they look interesting. Notice how they are reduced in size. Thoroughly rinse the patty and place in a colander, that glass excessive moisture. And now they must be crushed with a hammer. Too small to break the cake is not necessary, it is sufficient that each split into several parts.

how to split

After all the grind soy cakes, put them into a deep container and let sit for a few hours, so they are slightly softened.

cake in a bowl

Now came the final moment of a long preparation of Korean soybean paste tyay. Softening tortillas need to mince and put in a deep container. The milled paste and soy sauce, add enough salt. Try tyay taste: it should be a little salty. Otherwise, seasoning can deteriorate. As such tyay must insist for another month.

how to grind

That was the third month ... Tyay is ready! Add the soy paste during the preparation of various dishes. Be healthy and live a long time, including in your diet this wonderful sauce.

soybean paste

Bon Appetit!