Three chocolate cake — step by step recipe with photos mousse dessert

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Cooking time: 120 min.
Person: 8 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Three chocolate cake - step by step recipe with photos mousse dessert


Cake "Three chocolate" - an exciting combination of a biscuit base and chocolate mousse air. I do not like: three varieties of sweet mousse layer. We will present only one of the variants of this dessert recipe, of which a great many.

One is to use the secret dessert gelatin therein. It is this product will not only visually divide the cake into three layers, but also make it easy to use. Dessert will not cause a sense of gravity, but it is enough for a small piece, to be satisfied. Below, we step by step with photos shared by the whole process and have tried as accurately as possible to pass each stage in the creation of this chocolate masterpiece.

Recipe mousse pie "Three chocolate", in addition to gelatin, includes another "secret ingredient." To make biscuit base gentler cooking process we use syrup or liqueur (one of two). First make the cake sweeter and brighter, and the second will add spice and taste acuity. What to prefer, decide for yourself.

Hopefully cake "Three chocolate" and our step by step recipe for its preparation in the home will fall to your taste.

We proceed to the cooking!

cooking Steps

The first thing we need to prepare a split mold for our cake, and better, it will be larger in diameter than the biscuit. Impregnates the cake in liquor or syrup, after which we will send to cool in the refrigerator or on the balcony.

chocolate biscuit

Our available gelatin soaked in 100 ml of whipping cream.


The remaining 600 ml of the cooled cream and stir well again remove to cool.

whipped cream

The first layer is a dark chocolate. Crush 200 g tiles into pieces, add 30 g of butter. Heat the ingredients over low heat, stirring constantly, until smooth.

how to melt

Get fully melted chocolate.

melted chocolate

In his prepared by adding 1/3 of gelatin and heated again, but not to bring to a boil.

adding gelatin

We get completely melted gelatin.

as the heat

The resulting substance add 50 ml of the syrup or liquor, stir a little cool.


Then add the cooled previously whipped cream (1/3 of the total weight).

add cream

Stir or whisk mixer.

how to mix

We get cooled cake and fill it with prepared mousse. It is uniformly distributed over the surface of the sponge and fill the distance from the surface to form the cake. We send the form to the cold and continue cooking.

as the spread

Repeat manipulation, but now with the milk chocolate. 200 g and melt the tile is broken along with 30 grams of butter. Adding 1/3 of gelatin, stir.

milk chocolate

50 ml syrup or liquor, do not forget about 1/3 of the cooled cream. The resulting mass stir and bring to a uniform consistency.

how to mix

We obtain the form from the biscuit and the first layer. It is important that dark chocolate is enough froze. Over it gently pour the milk layer. We send in the refrigerator.

second layer

Repeat manipulation of white chocolate. 200 g of the tile is broken, add 30 g of butter, is melted over low heat. Then pour the remaining gelatin and whisk. Do not forget about the 50 ml syrup or liqueur and remaining cold cream. To achieve smooth.

white mousse

Form with the cake from the refrigerator and the top layer of frozen milk pour white. Send the cake in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

a third layer

After hardening sever shape and decorate dessert. Cake-Mousse "Three chocolate" fully prepared.

mousse cake

Bon Appetit!