The original sandwich for children — cooking recipe with a photo

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Cooking time: 7 min.
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

The original sandwich for children - cooking recipe with a photo


The original sandwich for kids - Clearly the best solution for your morning breakfast! The dish belongs to the "Breakfast for Children" category, is prepared quickly and easily and give your child energy sea front of the school or kindergarten.

You can improvise with the design of the breakfast. You can not bear to do, and any other animal. Garnish with chocolate paste is not, but, for example, a small round candies or dragees. All this depends entirely on your imagination. But one thing we know for sure - the child will be happy to tuck into a nice breakfast, but you will not have to worry that he had gone hungry.

To make such an original breakfast, you will need a minimum of products, some free time and our recipe with step by step photos, which will make the cooking process more understandable and accessible.

cooking Steps

To begin with we take molds for test and use them to make two oval and one round base for a sandwich.

cut out the bread for a sandwich

In parts of the oval should be cut corners by using molds. If that is not at hand - a knife. Then, lubricate the lower Korzhik chocolate paste completely.


Connect oval pieces together. "Ears" Now we do. We form them from the corners of the oval cut pieces and, using the toothpicks, attach them to a round cookie.

smear bread paste

And now we can glue all the pieces together the sandwich, using all the same chocolate paste.

We collect a sandwich

When you glued the whole sandwich, it remains only to decorate. This we can do by using a syringe or a pastry bag with a conventional dense cut-off corner. Using the chocolate paste, draw the bear's eyes and mouth. The use as nose dragees. All! The original sandwich for a child is ready! You can improvise and prepare breakfast every day in the form of other animals. Your child will love it!

the sandwich is ready

Bon Appetit!