The cake in the microwave — a step by step recipe with photos at home

Chococcino cake (18 votes)  
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Cooking time: 30 min.
Person: 5 servings
Complexity: Average

Cooking process

The cake in the microwave - a step by step recipe with photos at home


The cake in the microwave - This is one of the recipes that will improve your life. For many there is a tradition to finish the dinner or lunch, a cup of tea. As is known, this waiting time the children most. Well, as they do not spoil. Most are not starting to read the recipe, we have already decided that the preparation of chocolate cake will take all day, but there it was. This recipe will not take you more than an hour, the necessary ingredients for its preparation can be found in every refrigerator, and microwave in this age of technology, I think there are many.

Therefore, to themselves see this, Sit back and read our step by step recipe with photos for easy and quick preparation of chocolate cake at home.


(3 pcs.)

(150 g)

Sour cream
(150 g)

Cocoa powder
(3 tbsp. L.)

Wheat flour
(150 g)

(2 tbsp. L.)

bitter chocolate
(200 g)

White chocolate

cooking Steps

Prepare the dough for biscuits. For this purpose, using the foam mixer to stir the eggs together with sugar and put five tablespoons of cream. Beat all ingredients.

Ingredients for the dough

In the resulting mass gradually fall asleep flour with cocoa and baking powder. Thoroughly mix all. The dough is poured into a non-stick form, greased with oil beforehand.

pour the batter into the pan

Form a dough is placed in the microwave for 15 minutes at the highest temperature. Once the cake is ready, remove it from the form, give it to cool and cut into two parts. Biscuit, cooked in the microwave, it may be a little dryish, so it is best to prepare anything for impregnation. In this case coffee and cream.

bake a cake in the microwave

To prepare the filling, marshmallow mix with butter and put bake in a microwave for one minute. Souffle should be more. The resulting mixture was stirred well.

prepare the filling

When the mass of a souffle with oil cooled, smear her bottom cake. We cover its top and put in refrigerator to solidify.

grease a biscuit

To make the icing for the cake, melt the dark chocolate. If necessary, add a little butter. Grease a cake on all sides. Again, put in refrigerator to solidify. With a white chocolate act just as dark. We drown him and allowed to cool. Using a pastry bag or a syringe plot the pattern on the cake. Cake cooked in a microwave oven is ready!

cake in the microwave ready

Bon Appetit!