The Black Prince in multivarka — cooking recipe with photo cake

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Cooking time: 40 min.
Person: 10 servings
Complexity: Average

Cooking process

The Black Prince in multivarka - cooking recipe with photo cake


The Black Prince in multivarka - A simple but very tasty dessert that is perfect for any celebration or special dates. The dough for this cake can be made "in haste", with this you can easily handle even after the working day. At the time, until the black prince is ready, you can do other things. Fear for what shortcakes Undermountain, it is not necessary, because the furnace we will be in their multivarka.

This is the easiest cake that you can think of. The name "Black Prince" he received from the color cakes they have chocolate hue, notwithstanding the fact that cocoa is added to the dough. This cake can be characterized by three words: simple, fast, delicious!

To prepare the cake, "Black Prince", you will need the most simple components, one might even say improvised products. You will not believe, but the cakes for this cake can be prepared in fifteen minutes, and a chocolate glaze and sour cream - for two. Despite the fact that this is the fastest in the preparation of the cake, it also turns out very juicy and incredibly tasty.

The Black Prince in multivarka can be modified for each holiday. Due to the fact that the basic taste of this dessert fruit jam sets, each time it is replaced cake will be "sound" in a new way. For example, adding peach jam in the cake for the birthday of her husband, you will add a delicate flavor dessert. But cook a cake "Black Prince" with cherry jam on the New Year, you will please children a brand new treat. If each time to change the jam, your home will believe that you are constantly preparing various cakes.

If you do not Multivarki, cakes can be baked in a conventional oven. Decide what kind of jam you want to use today - and start to cook. Our step by step recipe with photos will be for you an assistant in the kitchen.


(2 pcs.)

Sour cream 15% fat
(300 g dough)

(200 g for the test and 2 tbsp. L. To glaze)

(400 g)

Sour cream 25% fat
(250 g of cream)

Condensed milk (condensed milk)
(250 g cream and 2 tbsp. L. To glaze)

Cocoa powder
(2 tbsp. L.)


cooking Steps

To prepare the dough is better to take any deep tank. Stir into it 200 grams of sugar and add two eggs.

eggs with sugar

Thoroughly mix and beat with a mixer until a thick foam.

beaten eggs

Now add to beaten egg low-fat sour cream or yogurt. Of course, it is better to use a cream: as it turns out the dough thick and very tasty. If you use yogurt, it is more like a pastry pie. You can try both options and stop at one that you like best. Add selected dairy product and continue beating with a mixer.

low-fat sour cream

Sift flour through a sieve, so that it is enriched with oxygen: so the dough will be more porous and air. Add flour, baking powder for the dough and vanilla sugar in the sugar-egg mixture. Thoroughly whisk together all ingredients with a mixer. The dough turns liquid, and it very much.

Wheat flour

Add to the test any jam that you like, and once again beat with a mixer. Coat wall Multivarki butter, if desired you can substitute any vegetable oil. Carefully pour the resulting dough into a container.

dough in multivarka

Now it is possible to close the cover and include a batch mode (a mode often designed for 60 minutes). Since the test for our dessert turns out a lot, you might need to install additional time for baking. However, first check test readiness with a toothpick or a wooden stick if the cake is ready, more time can be omitted. After the biscuit bake, remove the cake from Multivarki and lay it on the grill, which is used for steaming food. Leave to cool the cake on a wire rack for 40 minutes. Only after it has completely cooled down, you can proceed to the formation of the "Black Prince".

sponge cake

While the cake cools, you need to prepare a cream cake. To do this in a deep container, add the condensed milk, jam and cream. You can do without condensed milk: just combine two low-fat sour cream and one piece of fruit jam.

condensed milk

Take a long knife with a serrated, which is designed for cutting bread. Cut cooled cake into three equal parts. The prepared dough is cut without much effort. Part of the cake, which was at the bottom, put on a dish in the first place.

a cut

Liberally grease of cooking cream. Then put it on the cake, that was in the middle, and again put sour cream.

like oil cream

The upper part of the biscuit is first thoroughly soak cream smear the cake by the slice. Leave it upside down for half an hour, let the cream impregnate the entire thickness. Only then submit it to the top of the cake.

top cake

In the meantime, you need to prepare a chocolate coating. To do this, put it in a small container a little bit of butter and melt it in a water bath or in a microwave oven. After the oil becomes liquid by adding thereto cocoa powder, sugar, and condensed milk. Cocoa can be replaced with chocolate: a Break it into pieces and melt in a water bath, and send the rest of the ingredients of the glaze. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and then put in the microwave. It is enough to withstand in the microwave for 30 seconds, after which the control container and thoroughly mix. Chocolate glaze is ready!

how to make chocolate glaze

Liberally grease the cake "Black Prince" glaze. Optionally, you can decorate it with colored powder. Do not forget to evenly lubricate the side of the cake.

chocolate cake

Now put the cooked cake in the fridge for a few hours, so it is well soaked. If you prepare it in the evening and leave on all night - it will be the ideal option. The next morning the cake will be just bite lips: cakes completely soaked sour cream and chocolate icing hardens slightly. Due to the fact that the dough has a porous structure, the cream is evenly distributed throughout the cake. Now you can cut the cake "Black Prince", which we prepared in multivarka, and serve. He gets high and fragrant, and in taste perfectly combines fruity notes of jam and sweet butter cream. Believe me, from this cake, you do not draw it out of the ears not only children, but also her husband.

black Prince

Bon Appetit!