Tatar qistibi — a recipe how to cook cuisine dish

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Cooking time: 90 min.
Person: 20 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Tatar qistibi - a recipe how to cook cuisine dish


Tatar qistibi - A simple but very tasty dish of traditional Tatar dishes as fried tortillas with potatoes that rarely replace millet gruel. Despite the apparent complexity, qistibi fairly easy to prepare at home.

In this step by step recipe with photos describes the preparation of simple non-yeasted cakes with mashed potatoes, as well as Pshenko. By the way, the potatoes can be charged not only butter, but also vegetable oil with fried onions on it. Taste dishes from it does not deteriorate, and for someone even improve.

Qistibi good for a snack, and as an independent second dish. Of this amount of food you get about 35-40 pellets. Much depends on the rolling test. Keep in mind that the thinner it is unrolled, the tastier qistibi. And please, do not cook stuffing with modern devices, mix everything by hand: and appetizing, and closer to the original recipe.

It is time to begin to prepare a delicious meal Tatar qistibi with potatoes and millet gruel!


Wheat flour
(V. 10)

(1 l. In the dough + 4 st. In the stuffing)

(1 kg)

(200 g)

millet grits
(1 tbsp.)

cooking Steps

In a bowl, combine 1 liter of cow's milk, about 10 art. sifted flour, salt to taste and knead dough. Polyethylene wraps his food and give a rest for 15 minutes.

dough qistibi

From 1 kg of potatoes, 100 g of butter and 1 tbsp. milk in the usual way we prepare mashed potatoes. Season with salt to taste it (you can also add pepper). Puree should be delicious, so do not feel sorry for products and knead thoroughly!

mashed potatoes

Now we prepare Pshenko by first sort out, and then thoroughly washed with 1 tbsp. millet grains. Then boil it until thick in 3-4 tablespoons. milk with sugar and salt to taste. At the end of cooking porridge generously dressed with butter.

millet porridge

Go back to the test, punched him, and divide in half, immediately removing one half of the package. The remaining half of the cut pieces of equal size of a tangerine.

cutting test

Each slice thinly roll out with a rolling pin.

how to roll out the dough

Cut a circle out of it right.

tortilla dough

Preparations for cakes (5-6 pieces) lay off on floured work surface, but do not overlap, and cover with a cloth from chapping.

Tatar cake

Cakes fry on a hot dry frying pan (can be two at a time) until browning.

how to fry tortillas Tatar

When one side is browned, turn over patty and grease cream butter just finished this way.

bread with butter

The finished cake overturn oiled side on a dish and cover with oil the second side, which is now at the top.

cake on a plate

While hot cakes, always cover them with a cloth and / or plastic, so they slowly cool down and become tougher.

how to make soft tortillas

Now tortillas stuffed with mashed potatoes, laying it on the half circle.

qistibi potatoes

So we do with millet gruel.

qistibi with millet gruel

Then turn off the cake crescent.

how to make qistibi

We spread Tatar qistibi pile, cover with a cloth and some insist that cake soaked stuffing, become even sweeter. After that they can begin tasting.

Tatar cake

And if you want to pan qistibi can send for 15 minutes in preheated 160 degree oven and then removed, re-oiled and serve. Delicious!

cakes in the oven

Bon Appetit!