Spanish nougat treat — a step by step recipe with photos

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Cooking time: 40 min.
Person: 10 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Spanish nougat treat - a step by step recipe with photos


Spanish nougat delicacy It is a delicious dessert made of nuts and honey. In Spain, it prepares every family, especially at Christmas, because it is the traditional Christmas sweets.

However, in order to prepare nougat, it is not necessary to wait for Christmas. The reason can be any holiday, and even simply "nougat" mood (and this happens). In short, there is a will and a reason to prepare nougat in our recipe with a photo is always there. We offer you is not a classic, but wonderful recipe nougat of the two types of nuts: almonds and hazelnuts. This is delicious!

Just keep in mind that to eat dessert just will not work. The fact is that although nougat preparing at home rather quickly, before serving it should brew about a week in the fridge. So it is necessary to prepare in advance. And you can start right now!


sweet Almond
(450-500 g)

Honey bee
(300-350 g)

(200-250 g)

Egg white
(3-4 pcs.)

cooking Steps

We spread on the table all the necessary ingredients.

dessert ingredients

About a pound of almonds lightly fry in a dry frying pan, stirring constantly, so they are not burnt, and then ground in a meat grinder or blender.

how to grind almonds

Grind them into flour do not need, and quite a large rump. A small portion of nuts aside (they must remain intact).

how to grind nuts

Mixer or immersion blender, beat 3-4 in the foam egg protein.

beaten egg whites

On the stove, over very low heat bring to a boil 300-350 g of honey. It is important not to make the fire stronger, ie. A. During the slow heating of the honey will leave excessive moisture.

how to heat the honey

In a boiling honey Pour 200-250 g of sugar and boil gently.

honey and sugar

The crushed almonds pour in beaten egg whites and then combine this mixture with sugar, honey weight.

nuts and honey

All good stir and boil. Keep in mind that at this point you adjust the consistency of nougat: the longer the mass will be cooked, the more moisture evaporated, and, accordingly, nougat will be more dense (even harder). So do not keep it on the stove for too long.

how to cook a dessert

Pour into a mass of pent whole almonds.

whole almonds

Cut into halves and quarters of 100-150 g of hazelnuts.


They also add to the mix.

dessert with hazelnuts

All the mix, remove from heat and slightly cooled, we shift into a non-stick shape and ramming. After this weight must be given to cool completely, then put the form in the refrigerator for a week. To nougat better compacted, it can be used oppression.

nougat delicacy

A week later, the Spanish nougat reaches the desired consistency, and it will be possible to apply for tea or coffee.

nougat pictures

Enjoy your tea!