Silicone molds for Amazing cakes

March 19 will be celebrated Father's Day, but then approaching Easter and soon after Mother's Day and to honor these anniversaries you can think about the delivery of a gift that can really make happy the people we love. Often, however, cadeau tend to be repetitive and discounted, or you let yourself be consumed with haste, and the purchase of anonymous and superficial thoughts. Why not surprise everyone this year preparing a sweet delicacy made with our own hands, that is original and at the same time a delight for the palate? To help in the realization of a small masterpiece, choose silicone molds, easy to use, versatile and that allow the creation of the most varied forms and details without which the dough remains attached to the pan.

Silicone molds for chocolates

Express your love with chocolate wave: what father would not resist a demonstration of love so sweet and tasty? Via free then to the realization of the most varied forms. SILIKOMART for example, it proposes the line Easy Choc: There is the stencil Mini Bûche to create delicious chocolate truffles, the gianduiotto to prepare mini chocolate tiles, Chocogianduia which shows the shape of the traditional chocolate and Gianduia for delicious cakes in the shape of macro-gianduiotto. If you're looking for originality and want to customize the most of your chocolates, choose the line Cioccorelle of Happyflex: There is the Cioccorobot for an explosion to "cybernetic" flavor, Cioccomoney for shaped delicacies of sounding nutshell, the Cioccomusic to add an artistic streak in such goodies and lots of molds, you'll be spoiled for choice! If the chocolates not enough for you, but you want to create a real chocolate sculpture, there are also the molds in the 3D Silicone: Silikomart offers 3D Egg Choc, the kit complete with chocolate to create two-dimensional and futuristic eggs (in which you will also find two supporting pegs) while Happyflex designed the foil chocolate heart-shaped and interlocking, a delicacy that can give vent to your imagination, creating architectural shapes in three dimensions of great originality.

Silicone molds for cakes

Alternatively why not prepare her favorite dessert for the occasion? Thanks to molds everything is easier! With the molds in the Tupperware silicon, For example, you can create delicious muffin stuffed with blueberries, cream and chocolate, or a pie-shaped flower, be filled with delicious creams and icings, or a sweet baguette of sponge cake, of dough for croissants or ice cream, depending on your taste! Silikomart It proposes instead the mold for macarons, plum cake, for donuts, for muffin, for cakes shaped like a rose, of daisy or heart together with the most common bases for tarts, in the variant rotunda, to daisy or to heart. Among silicone molds Ikea Instead you can find the line Sockerkaka, to create an even more sweet layers or mini portions by frosting at will.

Silicone molds for plastic chocolate and sugar paste

If a simple cake is not enough and you want to create something not only exceptionally delicious but a real "work of art" why not try it with cake design? This new technique which is now the talk of the prescription-the coolest is the decoration of your cake with detailed drawings, figures that seem "carved" on the basis to create a realistic effect of great visual impact. To give birth to smaller ornaments and the most precious details can serve you the silicone molds for plastic chocolate and sugar paste, or those molds which are used to model these two types of easily malleable and ductile pastes. There's lots of variety in the proposals for Silikomart: From the flower to the butterfly, from monkey to the ghost, give free rein to your imagination! Or choose the molds just as innovative Blossom Sugar ArtWhy not celebrate with a cake studded spring of various flowers? In the box you will also find precious recipes, the brush and the natural food color powder that will give more vitality to your creation.

Silicone molds: how to use them and Benefits

Silicone molds have many strengths:

-They are flexible: whatever form it takes-cutter, always return to its original position

-Are unbreakable: they will not crack or become damaged

-Are versatile: they can be used in the oven, the refrigerator, the freezer and in the microwave

-Save space, they can be stored in small spaces, leaning on themselves.

-they are non-stick

-Easy demoulding: the sweet fact may be easily sformabile thanks to the flexibility of the silicone.

As regards'utilization of silicone molds, a few things they really need:

-Remember that the molds are subject to large variations in temperature without being damaged in: from -40 ° to + 260 °

-You can use them in the oven and freezer, can pass without any problem from the freezer to microwave.

-You can wash them in the dishwasher.

Silicone molds for Amazing cakes

-On first use remember to grease the mold to increase its non-stick properties, for subsequent times they can help it.

-Ask the mold on the grid and then proceed with filling: bake the mold directly with the grid to prevent the end of cooking there are breaks in the pull it out of the oven.

-Gently detach the cake from the edge of the mold before turning.

-Keep the silicone mold to color sources or sharp objects.

Silicone molds DIY

Did you know you can even create for itself the silicone molds? The process is not complex to implement but you have to be very precise with doses of the materials that are going to amalgamate.

-You will need two different types of silicone (of course for food use): Silicone type A and type B.

-Pours the two silicones in two different bowls and depending on the amount needed to get the shape you want: remember that silicone B will always be present in doses of 10% compared to silicon A.

-Mixes the two ingredients very slowly, being careful not to let in air and bubbles inside the mixture.

-Cola finally the mixture in the mold or cookie cutter that you have decided in advance that you want to use.

-You just have to play around with cakes, chocolates and sweet treats with original and custom shapes for a memorable Father's Day!