Shuba in Baton (herring) — a step by step recipe photos

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Cooking time: 360 min.
Person: 30 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Shuba in Baton (herring) - a step by step recipe photos


Shub to Baton - It is quite unusual interpretation became traditional in Russian cuisine salad "Herring under a fur coat." The name of this dish fully reflects its essence. Sam salad made from traditional ingredients for it, with the only difference being that it is wrapped up in a loaf, cut into that, you will get very soon the original snack.

Suitable such dish as for everyday use as well as for the festive table. As for its preparation, it is not difficult cooking classic coats, but the time it takes a little longer (though this is not directly related to the amount of time you spend in the cooking process), what you can verify by examining the step by step photo recipe.

We take the liberty to say that the coat and dress in Baton guest, you surprise them with this original presentation as usual dishes for us!

So, we proceed directly to consideration of the recipe!

cooking Steps

First of all, we need to prepare all the necessary ingredients. Eggs, beets and carrots decoction in advance, then cool, cleanse and rub all of these components on a grater, but separately. Also, you should chop the dill.

Now for the preparation of the stick. Him we cut along, but only so that it left the whole side. After that gently reveal a loaf and take out the part of the pulp, making the recess, as in the photo below.

large loaf

The inner walls of the stick coated with mayonnaise, and then a thin layer put on them the grated beets.

bread with beetroot

Beets also lubricates mayonnaise and laid her carrots. Its top also smear mayonnaise. Then send inside the loaf herring, sliced ​​middle-sized cubes.

herring with bread

* Do not overdo it with the amount of filling, otherwise it will just fall out when cutting the stick.

Now it was the turn of crushed eggs. This layer we also lubricates mayonnaise. The last is dill.

egg bread

The edges of the loaf lubricates mayonnaise and tightly squeeze them. Then loaf wrapped foil or ordinary plastic bag. This original snack in such a state will send in the freezer for three hours.

stuffed a loaf

Before serving, pull out of the freezer a loaf and cut it into slices not wide. Will only nice to lay out a salad appetizer on the plate and you can amaze guests.

Herring under a fur coat in a loaf is ready!

Bon Appetit!