Sesame halva — with honey, the recipe with a photo

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Cooking time: 10 min.
Person: 16 servings
Complexity: Average

Cooking process

Sesame halva - with honey, the recipe with a photo


sesame halva - A favorite delicacy by many, quite sweet with a slight spicy bitterness. Find it in the store is not so easy. More frequent versions of this dessert, made on the basis of a peanut or sunflower. However, trying to, you can find and sesame halva, which may also be called tahini halva. It's the same treat.

However, do not necessarily look sesame halva in the store, because it can be easily prepared at home just 10-15 minutes. No complicated processes will not. Everything is simple. To cope with the preparation of the traditional oriental sweets can even a child!

So, for the preparation of halva you first need to stock up on the necessary components that are included in its composition. This sesame seeds and honey. Take they should be in a ratio of three to one. That is, three parts of sesame seeds required one part honey. Well, now that you are stocked with everything you need, it is possible to proceed directly to a photo of the recipe.



Honey bee
(Liquid, 30-40 g)

cooking Steps

We expose on the working surface of all the necessary ingredients.

prepare ingredients

At this stage, it should be addressed by grinding sesame seeds. To do this, it is quite suitable grinder. Sesame seeds are crushed to be parts, so it will be easier and faster. In this case, at a time we grind about 30-40 grams of seeds. "Sesame powder" put in a bowl deep enough, since we have to knead out of it, like a lot of dough.

grind sesame

As we said earlier, into three portions seeds should take one portion of honey. Ideally, the liquid should be honey or sugared. If it is still too thick, it can be pre-melt it in a water bath.

liquid honey

Add the honey to the crushed sesame, and then hands knead the mixture like dough. The consistency of the finished product should be dense and uniform.

knead the dough

Form a "sesame dough" into the reservoir, as shown in the photo below.

dense dough

With a sharp knife dipped in water, we share the formation of halva into pieces.

divide the dough with a knife

That's all homemade oriental delicacy is ready! This halva can be enjoyed immediately, but it is better to send it in the fridge for a couple of hours, so it is "real". Prepare tea and enjoy. Just remember that sesame halva is quite caloric, but because it must be consumed in moderation!

halva ready

Bon Appetit!