Salad with apple and pineapple — fruit dish recipe with a photo

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Cooking time: 20 minutes.
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Salad with apple and pineapple - fruit dish recipe with a photo


Salad with apple and pineapple - A wonderful dessert, delicious and extremely helpful! In addition to the above ingredients can be added to it and any other fruit of your choice. In this case, in addition to salad pineapples and apples will still be present strawberry, lemon, mint. Also, we will add to it and somewhat unusual component, namely daikon. Thanks to him the salad taste unusual play new notes!

In preparing this fruit salad is simple, and therefore does not have to exert too much effort and time for its preparation. Ensure that you can by studying this photo recipe!


An Apple


A pineapple

(1/2 pcs.)



(A few leaves)

cooking Steps

For a delicious and useful lettuce we first thing will prepare all the necessary ingredients!

apple and pineapple

Before making myself a salad, we will prepare it for filling. For this very finely we will cut mint leaves.

mint sauce

Now, mix the mint with the yoghurt.

yogurt dressing

Cut the lemon in half and then one half Squeeze the juice, which is subsequently add to the gas station.

lemon yoghurt

Very carefully mix all the ingredients for the filling.

salad yoghurt sauce

Now, cut into thin strips for our daikon salad.

add the daikon salad

The same we shall cut small strips and even pineapple. Then mix it with daikon.

How to cut a pineapple beautifully?

Good apple washed out and remove him serdtsevinku, leaving the fruit itself tselenkim. Then, using the slicer apple cut into very thin slices!

When the above-mentioned fruit is sliced, we will send it in a bowl with pineapple and daikon.

How to cut an apple for a salad?

In strawberry remove the stalk and it is well washed out from the sand, and other contaminants. After that, each berry cut into quarters.

We send sliced ​​strawberries in a bowl with a salad.

strawberries with apples

Embark on a salad, cooked before refueling.

homemade yogurt with fruit

Salad mix thoroughly.

How to fill the fruit salad?

Now lay out a salad of apples and pineapple on a la carte plates.

Put the salad with apple and pineapple

Decorate the salad several strawberry platelets.

garnished with strawberries

Sprinkle with our incredibly tasty dish with black sesame seeds and serve it to the table!

seeds black sesame decorate dish

Bon Appetit!!!