Rice starch: all uses from the face to the kitchen

rice starch

THE'rice starch is a thickener that is derived from rice. To realize the rice is done to soften and then is ground. The starch is then separated from rice and dried, to be finally pulverized. In this way is obtained a natural remedy useful both in kitchens and for the beauty. You can buy in supermarkets, but also the health food, where is the most pure and effective as it has undergone a minor machining. The price is really low, about 1 euro for a 500 gram bag, and the benefits are so many! The rice starch is first and foremost a great beauty remedy to be used in many occasions. It is indeed a powerful anti-inflammatory, very useful to calm and relieve irritations and redness that can affect the most sensitive skin, such as those of babies or of allergy sufferers.

face masks

This peculiarity makes the rice starch also a great detergent suitable for everyday use, able to give a soft and supple skin. For example you can use it to create an anti-aging mask, mixing in a bowl one teaspoon of rice starch and a carrot that you boiled and crushed. apply mask for about half an hour and rinse with warm water to make a smooth and firm skin. For a facial cleanser and cleansing mask join a three tablespoons of plain yogurt rice friend spoon. Not only that, by exploiting the properties of rice starch you can have fun creating many masks, mixing this with the ingredient 'essential oil What do you prefer.


The rice starch is also a good ally for the beauty of your hair. For a crown dry and weakened opt for a mask with rice starch and honey, while to restore life to dull hair and dishes, mix a tablespoon of rice starch with the shampoo you normally use. Finally, if you do not have time to wash your hair, creates a dry shampoo dusting the hair with rice starch and brushing.


Not only beauty, the rice starch is also an excellent ingredient for use in the kitchen. In fact very high digestibility, therefore, it is perfect for the feeding of those suffering from intolerance and digestion problems, but also for infants. In the kitchen has a great variety of uses, is added to the sample mixtures of desserts to make them more fluffy and light. It's also great in creams (the famous pastry chef Luca Montersino He adds the starch in custard), which makes it more soft and smooth, and in sauces, since it has the ability to addensarle. It's perfect for the preparation of dishes celiac and to make polenta, baked goods and crepes.


The rice starch is also one of the products that should never be lacking in the cabinet for infant care. Being a powerful anti-inflammatory is useful to give relief to reddened skin and delicate baby, especially in areas in contact with the diaper. You can also use it to prepare a nice bath, pouring a spoon in the bath together with the warm water.