Plum jam for the winter — a recipe, how to cook with step by step photos

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Cooking time: 160 min.
Person: 3 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Plum jam for the winter - a recipe, how to cook with step by step photos


Plum jam for the winter, we propose to prepare for this recipe, from their "brothers" differ little sugar. Let you are not afraid! Jem get delicious, with some acidity. Ideally it is suitable for those who do not like cloyingly sweet jams. In addition, by using a small amount of sugar, plum jam thus obtained are not nutritious.

However, it should be borne in mind that sugar - a preservative that allows for a long time to keep a product fit for use. Because it is clear that a method such as this is too much jam harvest is not worth it. Just a couple of jars for the winter. Wherein they are best stored in a refrigerator. Or you can just change the proportion of sugar in the recipe.

In this case, one kilogram of plums turned 750 mg jam. But to pack everything into a single jar, we do not recommend. It is better to take 3-4 small.

So, we suggest turning to the right of the recipe, which describes how to make plum jam.


(1 kg)

(250-300 g)

(1/2 pcs.)

cooking Steps

Loop through the berries for jam, among them should not be propped copies. Then the berries thoroughly wash and divide them into halves, remove the seeds.

Skins can be left, as in this case, and can be removed. Then proceed to your liking.

prunes for canning

We pour sugar plums and leave them in this state, at least two hours (can be at night). They should let the juice.

plums with sugar

Boil the jam is best in an enamel pot, because it is designed for it. So, a bowl with plums send simmer on the quiet fire. The cooking process will produce a bright pink foam. It should be carefully clean using a tablespoon. All you certainly will not be able to remove, it is simply impossible!

How to cook?

* Pay attention to the fact that the fire was not excessive, otherwise jam can burn on.

Once will remove the foam, add the jam fruit juice of half a lemon. Then boil it for 10 more minutes and turn off.

jam with lemon juice

Now we decompose still hot jam on a pre-sterilized jars and close them.

How to roll?

Allow the jars with plum jam to cool, and then submit them for storage in the refrigerator.

plum jam

We can only wait for the winter, and you can savor your favorite dessert.

plum jam for the winter

By the way, all delicious plum jam is as spreads for sandwiches!

sandwich with jam

Bon Appetit!