Pigeon milk cake — homemade recipe with step by step photos

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Cooking time: 70 min.
Person: 12 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Pigeon milk cake - homemade recipe with step by step photos


Cake pigeon's milk" - Not just a delicious dessert, it is a work of confectionary art! He represents soufflés laid on sponge cake, and top coated with chocolate glaze. The taste of this dessert is at a very delicate and tender and absolutely not cloying.

The emergence of this group shall cake confectioners from the Soviet Union, and in particular the confectioners "Prague" restaurant in Moscow. In the eighties they developed the recipe, then prepare the dessert started in all regions of the country.

While the cake seems to be quite simple, it is a business not fast cooking and troublesome. However, having studied the recipe step by step with photos, you can cook it without any kind was a problem!


(50 g for the cake, 200g for souffle, 45 g for the glazing)

Powdered sugar

(1 PC.)

Egg white
(2 pcs.)

Wheat flour
(140 g)

Condensed milk (condensed milk)

(450 g)

Lemon acid
(2 pinches)

bitter chocolate

cooking Steps

First we have to you have to prepare all the necessary ingredients for the recipe.

How and what to cook Bird's milk?

Fifty grams of butter mix with powdered sugar and vanilla and then stir these components using a mixer.

butter and sugar

Drives in the oil and egg and mix everything well.

eggs, sugar, butter

Now our little flour mixture is introduced. All mix well once more. As a result, should get a very stiff dough.

dough made of wheat flour

The food was covered with paper baking, and then lay out the dough on it that you want to distribute evenly. Bake it, we will somewhere in 10 minutes and at the temperature of the oven to 200 degrees.

How to bake a biscuit?

While the oven is preparing sponge cake, we start beating 200 grams of butter. Then mix with him 100 grams of condensed milk and thoroughly mix all, bringing the weight up to homogeneity.

butter and condensed milk

Do not overdo the cake in the oven! Ruddy, he should not be. And we have cut off the with a special square shape, as shown in the photo.

Korzh of shape, do not remove, move them together on some flat surface.

Now we can begin to collect our cake.

sponge cake

Agar put in a bowl and fill it with 150 ml of water to five, then send to boil on the stove. Boil need about a minute, stirring constantly with a whisk. As a result, we get a lot of consistency like jelly. Now you can pour in the sugar syrup Agrarian. It should simmer for about five minutes and that we added the sweet component is completely dissolved. The finished mass is completely when when removing it from the corolla of it will reach the strings.

Turn off the fire under a bowl with agar syrup and then leave it for a while. You will need it later.

How to plant agar?

Knock proteins in a deep bowl and mix thoroughly whisk them to the consistency of a thick dense mousse. Then add to proteins citric acid and stir them again. This time you should get plenty of at as a strong foam. This means that, turning the bowl with whipped proteins upside down, they do not fall out!

whipped egg whites

Continue whisking protein, adding to them Agrarian syrup. Note that during this process the mass will increase by several times, and therefore need a bowl of really deep.

How to make soufflé cake?

Now pour in a bowl cream butter and condensed milk. The resulting mass is thoroughly mixed!

cooking souffles Bird's milk

We get a lot of pouring into the frame. Then move the cake in the freezer for 15 minutes to frozen soufflés.

biscuits and soufflés

Chocolate connect with forty five grams of butter, then melt the it in the microwave. Sweet mixture is stirred until smooth.

How to make the chocolate glaze?

We get out of the freezer, our cake and pour it with chocolate, finely distributing it over the entire surface. Then dessert again for 15 minutes and send it in the freezer.

How to cover a cake with chocolate icing?

Very gently release the cake from the iron frame.

Pigeon milk cake

Cut the Cake "Bird's milk" into pieces and together with a drink to your taste serve it to the table.

soufflé cake Bird's milk

Bon Appetit!!!