Pie with sausage and cheese — a simple recipe with step by step photos

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Cooking time: 120 min.
Person: 12 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Pie with sausage and cheese - a simple recipe with step by step photos


Pie with sausage and cheese - It is a typical representative of home cooking. Its components tend to be found in almost every refrigerator, and therefore it can be prepared at any time.

This cake can be served as an appetizer, and it will be a great substitute for sandwiches, and in addition it can be used also as a main dish for lunch. Although the diversity of use not only his dignity. Once the cake turns out very tasty and satisfying. But that's if you watch your figure, then abuse this dish still not worth it.

So, if you have conceived to cook a pie with sausage and cheese, we recommend that you take advantage of the advice in this photo recipe!


Dry yeast

Sour cream
(1/2 cup)

white salt
(1/2 tsp)

(1 tsp)

(1 PC.)

Flour wheaten of second grade
(2-2.5 cups)

Hard cheese
(150 g)

Olive oil
(40 ml)

cooking Steps

The first thing we will deal dough. Please note that for this purpose we will use the bread machine, although you can well do without it!

So, dissolve dry yeast in fifty milliliters of milk, and add to it salt, sugar and sour cream. Now send in a bowl bread machine flour, milk and sunflower oil, and begin kneading process.

At the end of the first mixing all the ingredients listed above should also send the yeast mixture, and a little flour, but it is only in case of need. Next, the furnace must knead the dough again.

yeast dough cake

Now we pull out the dough from the bread machine and its roll out very thin (width should be approximately 3-5 mm).

test layer

Now Let us stuffing: sausage we shall cut thin strips, cheese and grate on medium grater.

sausage with cheese

We spread the filling on the dough, trying to distribute it evenly. Then sprinkle it on top of all the spices to your liking. In this case, the mixture of dried vegetables was used.

stuffed dough

Now the dough with the filling is divided into approximately equal rectangles, which are then rolled into rolls.

roll dough

We spread our rolls in rolled form. Should it look like the picture that follows. Also you need to give a little roll approach. To do this, leave them in a warm place for thirty minutes and.

roll snail

Now our cake grease with beaten egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds and a little poppy.

sesame and poppy

Pie with sausage and cheese should bake at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

bake the cake in the oven

* Please note that the oven should be heated beforehand.

Ready cake is taken out from the oven and allowed to cool it!

piece of pie with sausage and cheese

Eat pie with sausage and cheese can be as warm or cold.

Pie with sausage and cheese is ready to eat!

Bon Appetit!!!