Pickle Leningrad — photo recipe at home

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Cooking time: 90 min.
Person: 15 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Pickle Leningrad - photo recipe at home


Pickle Leningrad - A dish is a favorite of many who found the Soviet period. From other hot dishes pickle is characterized in that its composition must include pickles! Almost always pickle is prepared broth with barley, with the exception of only serves vegetarian version, which simply do not put meat.

In preparation rassolnik there are a few tricks. For example, pickles should definitely be cleaned from the skin, and even remove the large seeds in especially large vegetables. Slice the vegetables, often in small cubes, but it depends on your preference.

Pickle Leningrad has a weighty one difference from other types of rassolnik: in this recipe, in addition to the standard set of ingredients used barley. Sometimes it is replaced by rice, wheat or oatmeal, but the result is still about the same.

Before you start cooking rassolnik will need to prepare a little rump. It should go through and rinse with water. If you want it to be welded faster, you can soak it in water overnight. Remember, the final result depends on how well you have prepared the ingredients and how promptly joined them with each other. Step by step guide to the preparation of the Leningrad rassolnik at home with the photos you can see in our recipe.


(400 g)

Pearl barley (barley)

(5 pieces.)

(1 PC.)

Salted cucumbers
(3 pcs.)

Bulb onions
(1 PC.)

Fresh greens

Bay leaf

white salt

cooking Steps

First we need to wash the chicken, cover it with two liters of water and cook the broth. Then add to pre-washed grits, and cook until it is ready.

chicken bouillon

When you have verified that the barley is cooked, add the broth diced potatoes.

sliced ​​potatoes

While the potatoes are cooked, we can briefly escape from the pan and boil for some good pieces of chopped pickles, and then add them to the broth.

simmer pickles

Next you need to fry in a frying pan the onion, carrot and tomato. Onions should fry and acquire a golden hue. When ready add all this to our soup, put salt, bay leaf and spices to taste. Cook until tender.

zazharki for rassolnik

Turn off the fire, give authentic and your Leningrad pickle is ready! You can apply pre-seasoned sour cream and sprinkle with herbs.

ready to pickle

Bon Appetit!