Pate bacon — homemade recipe with photos, how to make garlic

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Cooking time: 1440 min.
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Pate bacon - homemade recipe with photos, how to make garlic


Pâté lard - Original and very hearty homemade dish that is perfect for borscht with sour cream. Prepare a paste can be both fresh and salted with lard. Just in the case of the last option to align the pie on salt should be more careful to not overdo it. Chili, we will add to our fat pate turned sharp and rich in taste. Adjust the amount of such severity, you can own.

The ideal would be a paste, if you make it at home. Step by step recipe with photos cooking this dish with garlic, you will find below. From it you will learn all the details of creating a wholesome and very aromatic pâté lard.

And a few more words about the appetizers: baked and milled together with fat walnuts will give the dish a spicy and unique taste. We also dilute the overall palette of taste crushed poppy seeds.

They taste best have a home pate of fat, if spread it on a slice of bread or toasted loaf.

Proceed as soon as possible to cook foie lard to borscht!


Fat pig (Salo)

(5 cloves)

Thyme (thyme)
(1 bunch)

(3 pcs.)

(150 g)


cooking Steps

We will prepare all the necessary ingredients for making sharp and hearty foie fat.

Garlic cloves easiest to crush with the flat side of the knife, so that they are easy to clean from the husk. Hot chili pepper neatly cut in half, remove seeds and green stalk. Pluck leaves from the sprigs of thyme.

the ingredients for the paste

In a preheated dry pan fry shelled walnuts until the characteristic flavor. Also in a separate pan ignited poppy, then grind it in a blender.

nuts and poppy

With grinder grind all the fat, and with it, and peeled chilies, toasted nuts and peeled garlic cloves. Also shred leaves and thyme. In a deep bowl or pot carefully knead all ingredients until smooth. In the process of adding crushed poppy seeds and salt and pepper to taste pate.

Send the pate of fat in the pot to infuse in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

pâté lard

The finished dish is served at the table as an appetizer. Homemade foie fat with garlic is ready!

Appetizer of bacon ready!

Bon Appetit!