Pasta with mushrooms and bacon — recipe with photos cooking cream

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Cooking time: 40 min.
Person: 2 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Pasta with mushrooms and bacon - recipe with photos cooking cream


Pasta with mushrooms and bacon in this recipe is to prepare the most traditional way with all the Italian customs. We even prepare pasta as required by a real Italian pasta. Spaghetti should not be soft, on the contrary, they should be resilient, but sufficiently cooked. It is this specificity teaches our step by step recipe for pasta carbonara with photos.

To feel and understand the real taste of the paste should be used in the process of cooking the Italian herbs, which is quite logical, but many of these neglected. It is in conjunction with, the pasta to be cooked properly.

A special feature is the special pasta carbonara sauce, cheese eggs, which we will add more and cream. You'd be surprised how tender will taste pasta with mushrooms and bacon in cream just velvety. This dish wins once and for all.

Creates a pasta carbonara with mushroom and bacon very quickly at home. All ingredients are available. Enjoy the taste of gourmet Italian pasta in a special sauce with mushrooms and slices of fried bacon, cooked according to our recipe, and share their experiences.

cooking Steps

all the necessary ingredients to prepare. Pasta should be taken such as spaghetti, t. E. Thin and long.


Mushroom pasta is best to take the white suit those same mushrooms. We wash them under running water. If you do it in a bowl, mushrooms will absorb too much water. Alternatively, you can simply clean the mushrooms and wash them at all. Cut along the little mushrooms, so that they retain their natural shape. Bacon cut into cubes long. Onions and my cleanse, cut into small enough. Prepare the pan. To do this, we warm up in her olive oil with chopped garlic. As soon as he gave fragrance, get rid of it. Behind lay the onion and fry until golden brown. Then we send mushrooms to the pan and fry for 10-15 minutes. Only then spread on a pan of bacon wedges. Stir and fry.

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For the preparation of the Italian sauce we will need a raw egg, to which we add the cream. you selected cheese, or rather, his half, rub on a small grater and send the sauce. Thoroughly whisk the egg. Pasta cook a certain way. To achieve the softness and elasticity of the product at the same time, remove the pasta from the heat for about 2 minutes until tender. Themselves cook the pasta according to the package instructions, salt to taste.


In a frying pan, which is still being prepared mushrooms and bacon, pasta spread. Fill all the ingredients prepared sauce and mix thoroughly. Please be ready to simmer for 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle with herbs or any other spices that he liked. We serve an meal on plates, decorate with the remaining grated cheese and herbs. Pasta with mushrooms and bacon ready.

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